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Aitheon is pleased to announce their participation at the CES Unveiled event in New York City. As a featured Global Innovator, Aitheon showcased the Aitheon Platform and AGV, while Felix, the robotic arm, demonstrated its automated drink-pouring abilities to the hand-selected, invitation-only guests and digital media executives who attended the show. CEO Andrew Archer was present to meet and talk with the attendees and media about Aitheon’s latest innovations.

“The New York trip was definitely a success. There’s been a lot of traveling involved as we’ve participated in both the Amsterdam and Paris CES Unveiled shows this fall as well. These events have connected us with business owners and CEOs of large corporations who are interested in using our products to transform their businesses and scale them to the next level. We’ve also had the opportunity to meet serious investors who are interested in our upcoming raise. These events have definitely been worth all of our efforts,” Aitheon’s CEO Andrew Archer stated. 

Aitheon heads to Las Vegas next to be featured in the final CES Unveiled event January 5, 2020. Aitheion will showcase its groundbreaking products just days before the main CES event where attendees and industry analysts will come from over 160 countries making the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show the largest gathering of its kind in the world. 

Mark your calendar now for the CES, Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 7 – 10. This is the largest, most influential tech event in the world where Aitheon has been selected to be showcased in the prestigious Eureka Park. This is where the sharpest innovators in the world are invited to hit the stage and showcase their innovations. 

About Aitheon 

Aitheon is one of the few blockchain platforms that is catching the attention of both technology enthusiasts and government institutions alike. It is committed to using developments in AI and Robotics to handle the menial back-end processes of modern firms, creating jobs for humans as machine operators, or Aitheon Pilots. Aitheon believes these solutions will create space for people to rely more on their judgment and creativity to do meaningful work, and delegate brute labor to machines. Andrew Archer leads a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts in IT, robotics, and machine learning who believe in the symbiotic nature of robotics and people. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy stated that their type of initiative could cause a “bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing.” 

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