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As one of the most recognized duct cleaning Houston firms, Clean Air Houston Pro has extended its service areas list. With more and more families and business owners expressing considerable interest in availing professional help, the company owners hence decided to add few more areas to the existing operational zones. The process of air duct cleaning is applicable to both residential and commercial spaces, and the rates are same for all.

The Houston air duct cleaning company famed to offer proper services and work round the clock had very humble beginnings. “The business was family owned and prices were extremely nominal when the handful of employees started working. It was only after staff members gained sufficient exposure about the changing times and skill requirements, when rates were charged as per the job worth. As a result of expanding the roles, clientele also increased and to cater to them, more and more licensed and trained experts joined the team,” said a senior member, Ben Shalom who had been with the company since its inception.

The air duct cleaning Houston organization has included the names of areas where the services would now be provided, alongside those that were present, in their website. “Customers can check our site and get a quote
before availing of the services,” added Shalom.

A couple of days back, the CEO of the company said, “A lot of people rest in the false belief that once professional cleaning services have been opted for, it means that the work is done for lifetime. This is not exactly the case. There are contaminants in the heating and cooling system, which keeps piling up as time passes by. These increase chances of respiratory diseases and can even shorten the lifespan of the systems used in the homes and offices. To maintain good air quality at optimum levels, it hence makes sense to undergo periodic checks.”

About the Company

Clean Air Houston Pro offers all kinds of air duct cleaning services in Houston TX and surrounding areas at competitive prices.

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