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Hair loss can have a significant and traumatizing effect on our lives. A number of men struggle to come to terms with their hair loss and never find the right way to deal with it. Many men experiencing hair loss or hair thinning may also display certain unhealthy psychological and emotional symptoms. These emotional and psychological issues arise from how they perceive themselves and how they think others perceive them. There are some men who are able to smoothly make the transition to being bald or having a receding hairline, but others may have serious psychological issues such as depression or anxiety that may compound their frustrations. These issues should not be brushed off or forgotten as self-loathing or self-pity, instead, they should be addressed and handled by professionals. 

The impact of hair loss is largely focused on the appearance of the person. It may have a negative impact on how a person looks or sees themselves. Men with hair loss, receding hairlines or hair thinning, often look and are perceived to be much older than their actual age. Many find it difficult to accept themselves. This perspective can radically have a direct bearing on how men see themselves, which more often than not, will deplete their confidence levels.

PHD – Hair Design & Hair Replacement not only treats and offers men’s hair loss solutions but also offers the emotional support a person needs during the process. PHD – Hair Design & Hair Replacement recognizes the emotional distress a young person with male pattern baldness and hair thinning might be going through and helps to address it. Hair loss solutions for men such as hair replacement systems can go a long way on the road back to self-acceptance. Below are few health benefits of getting a hair replacement system. 

1.  Less Sunscreen: Sunburn is probably the most common and immediate effect of continuous sun exposure to the skin without sunblock. It is a UVR damage that causes skin inflammation and blisters on the skin. Sunburns also weaken the skin and it may cause you to suffer repeated attacks of swelling, redness, peeling, hives scalp and itching. This is the effect of UVB rays. With repeated occurrences, sunburns could even escalate to skin cancer. Hair replacement systems help eliminate the risk of burning your scalp due to thinning hair because it essentially covers your head and prevents such issues.

2. Improved Self-Confidence – Losing hair is often directly proportional to losing one’s self-confidence. Looking older than your age can also have a negative impact on the way a person sees themselves. A hair replacement system can help you step outside with confidence to meet your family, friends and colleagues. It is a quick and immediate change in appearance that will remind you of the days you enjoyed a full head of hair.

3. Ease Depression and Anxiety – It is common for men suffering from hair loss and hair thinning to experience degrees of depression or possibly anxiety. The sudden, continuous loss of hair and its changing appearance can be very difficult for some people to cope with, especially without support from family or friends. Hair loss can be a very lonely and isolating process. Having a hair replacement system can completely change your outlook. Finding the new you with a hair replacement system can be your first step to recovery.

4. Eliminate Poor Self-image and Low Self-esteem – Self-esteem is an individual’s evaluation of his or her own self-worth. With a traumatic problem like male pattern baldness and hair thinning, it may be tough to maintain a positive self-image. These issues are faced by many young men in their twenties when appearance means a great deal. Don’t let hair loss leave you feeling less worthy or unsuccessful. A hair replacement system has the ability to help you restore your lost confidence and improve your self-image in your own eyes. The change you’ll see in your appearance with a hair system can do wonders to improve your mental health.

Mental health should be of great priority for all of us. Any impairment in your mental health should be immediately addressed by professionals. Hair replacement is a quick, immediate, pain-free, non-surgical, and convenient option for many who are struggling to cope with hair loss and mental or emotional problems related to hair loss. 

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