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Dallas, TX — Co-working spaces have taken the office rental industry by storm with their unique model. They are growing exponentially year by year, and it is important to understand the essence of the business that drives its growth. Research has shown that employees thrive in such environments.

The transformative movement that coworking has become is built on five principles that convey its true essence.

  • Collaboration, one of the indispensable foundations of coworking. People from various industries are welcomed in a coworking space and often view each other as collaborators. Freelancers and start-ups greatly benefit from working in a coworking setup and are incentivized to do so because they know that they will be able to give and receive help on a mutual level.
  • Openness is imperative for people to be themselves and focus on achieving their goals. A coworking space promotes openness and allows coworkers to develop trustful relationships because it attracts professionals with an open mind when it comes to other members of the community, allowing everyone to feel like they fit in. 
  • Sustainability is a common mission among coworking spaces, where the goal is to hold a balance between giving and receiving with coworkers. It allows the members to support, nurture and lift each other to greater levels of success.
  • Accessibility, both physical and educational, is prioritized. The physical location of the space is usually in a good area for daily activities, such as food options, cafés, gyms, and libraries. As part of educational accessibility, coworking spaces strive to provide opportunities for their coworkers to grow their knowledge if they desire too. Invitations to events, workshops, and speakers are often extended to members of the space.
  • Community in a coworking space creates friendly bonds and frequent collaboration between members. Eventually,  a tight-knit community is formed through shared experiences.

In conclusion, these core principles of the coworking model are what sets them apart from other spaces, and what has sparked it to be the 21st century’s way to work. To be successful, the managers of the space should invest in and promote these values. 

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