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However most of the masks available in
the market are not fit to be reused and thus you end up spending
quite frequently on them. But this is not the case with OxyBreath
Pro. This full nose and mouth covering mask is the best fitting air
mask providing the comfort and a fit suitable to each one.

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With so many factors responsible around
air pollution, it is no surprise to see the increasing number of
cases of children or adults suffering from respiratory diseases. To
avoid your health getting deteriorated, it is vital that you take due
precautions to help you minimize the impact of the air-borne disease.
Using air masks is one of the main precautions you can take to
minimize the impact of such diseases. But are all air masks fit for
your size or do you find them either too lose or tight enough to be
worn comfortably? Can they be reused after cleaning? Covering such
aspects and a lot more, OxyBreath Pro comes across as a premium
quality face mask which saves you not just from polluting air but
also helps in preventing from the fast spreading Coronavirus which
has taken many lives already.

Read the article till end to know how
exactly the mask is designed to help you and also what other
precautions you should tale in the time of fast spreading viruses and
other air infections.

What is OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro face mask is a
quality-tested mask that fully covers your face and nose that lends
you a protection against allergens, bacteria or infecting agents. It
encompasses Nano Technology dust free air filterPM2.5 which makes it
fully effective.

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Since the mask can be washed you can
use it as many as eight times after cleaning. Thus you not only get
a mask which provides a comforting soft fit and can be re used but
also act as a shield against pollutants due to the filter used.

What are the benefits of OxyBreath

Read below to know how OxyBreath Pro is
made to help you:

  • Due to its stretchable quality, it
    fits all shape

  • It covers whole mouth and nose
    preventing from pollutants

  • OxyBreath Pro covers advanced
    nanotechnology with PM2.5 dust free index

  • Comes across as an effective
    shield against virus, bacteria and allergies

  • It is light weighted and
    adjustable which makes it a comfortable wear

  • Since it is made of premium
    quality, washable it won’t deteriorate its quality

  • Fit to reduce dust, chemicals, and
    particles by 98%

  • No risks

Technical Specifications of
OxyBreath Pro

  • Nano Technology air filter PM2.5 –
    Shield against dust

  • Activate carbon filter – Screens
    contaminants and impurities

  • Nonwoven particle filtration
    fabric – This enables an improved in airflow rate for both woven
    and nonwoven filters

  • Advanced dual micro-filter
    technology – Helps in avoiding bacteria, algae, and sediment


The mask is available at the official
website of the product where you will also get the ongoing 50%
discount if you make an order now. The use of a face mask becomes
compulsory if you want to save yourself and your family from the
increasing threat of air borne viruses, infections and allergens. The
shipping of OxyBreath Pro is completely free and the mask should
reach your doorstep within 24 hours. Also as confirmed by laboratory
the mask arrives in various sizes for all adults and kids.

Read below about some general
precautions that you should take to save yourself from the increased
danger of Coronavirus and other air infections in general.

General Hygiene Measures

  • Wash your hands frequently using
    an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water

  • While coughing or sneezing, cover
    mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue which should be
    immediately discarded in bin and hands should be cleaned as
    mentioned in the above point.

  • Keep a distance of at least 1
    metre between yourself and other people, especially those who are
    coughing, sneezing and have a fever

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and
    mouth as your hands may be contaminated with virus

  • If you get fever, or are coughing
    and feeling difficulty in breathing, seek medical care early to
    avoid it getting worse. It may be general respiratory issue but do
    not ignore.

  • Keep yourself hydrated, do not let
    your throat become dry.

  • Avoid having raw or undercooked
    animal products.

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