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Also referred to as untapped video traffic goldmine, the platform has enabled people live their dreams of earning huge income and that too without investing much.

Isn’t it just great! Yes, it is an amazing venture to try in. What makes it so is its huge following and not so much of competition. Definitely this is a prospect you would not want to miss on. 

Read below to know what is TV Boss?

About TV Boss

TV Boss lets you create/ release and manage your own TV channel and stream it in front of massive viewers with 44.6 million viewers only in US. This is made possible with Roku which is the world’s top most provider of the TV on-demand.

So if you are or want to invest in the business of TV channel, this would mean getting an acclaim as the industry leader, earn a good income via TV ads and traffic with a niche of 3500 to 10, 000 viewers in the initial month itself; all this without the need of any marketing. That’s why we call it amazing!

Working of TV Boss

TV Boss is a channel which works with Roku that uses cloud app that lets you upload and handle your own content within the channels you create.  The process is fairly simple and easy.

Roku is essentially a device (from company named Roku) that streams different types of media including movies, videos, shows and music from the internet on your TV. Since Roku is comparatively newer platform as compared to YouTube, it is in search of a good content which makes it an area of great opportunity.

Roku and TV Boss require a small set up and internet connection. With the help of operating system, Roku enables users to access and manage internet streaming content.

TV Boss not just lets you stream other’s content but also showcase your own.  So when you create your own TV channel, it gives you a chance of being on TV or have someone else represent you.

This cloud based software enables you leverage millions of viewers on Roku without the need of any technical skills or other hassles.

Each channel lets you have multiple income streams which is the reason for the great results experiences by TV Boss users.

Benefits of TV Boss

The channel is built to help you in avoiding a lot many things like:

  • No need to pay huge money for ads, or worry about SEO or spend your time posting on forums.
  • You just not need to figure out how to monetize your traffic and content.
  • You don’t  need to write blogs or create content to promote
  • Don’t need any partners to promote your stuff.
  • No need to waste your money in overpriced tools with the hope of making few sales.

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It is the generation of on-demand TV. Millions of people prefer watching videos etc. on such channels and are much more viewed compared to the earlier famous TV channels.  It is still in a developing phase and thus early joiners will be able to make huge profits which would decrease once it goes mainstream. So do not delay and avail the discounted price offere available for the limited period. This is absolutely a unique way of reaching  out to a wider audience without shelling out much.


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