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The Coffman Organization (TCO) released results today of a three-year research study on the merits of virtual and “real” workplaces. The findings reveal that virtual employees have higher levels of engagement, energy and relationships compared to non-virtual employees.  “This is encouraging news,” says, Curt Coffman, long-time researcher of workplace cultures; at a time when organizations are being forced to adjust their traditional workforces in the face of Covid19.

TCO tracked virtual and non-virtual employee attitudes across global organizations over a three year period and cited data that suggests 65 percent of virtual employees are actively engaged at work compared to 49% of non-virtual employees; only 16 percent of virtual employees are actively disengaged, compared to 25% of non-virtual employees.  This translates to distinctly higher levels of talent utilization and productive energy, critical to overall performance, margin, customer loyalty and related business outcomes.  Overall satisfaction, and confidence in leadership showed similar differences in favor of remote workers.

Moving into virtual work life so suddenly, may be disrupting to the organization and its employees, but the reality is telecommuting may provide long-term benefits for all parties.  Surprisingly, the relationships built with remote workers by both team members and managers are rated more positively than with non-virtual teams and managers.  

The Coffman Organization, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado, has been providing Integrated Consulting Services to global organizations since 2006. Experts in all aspects of human capital management, TCO consultants help organizations build strong, engaged and productive workplace cultures, both virtual and non. 

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