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20 February 2020

The Coronavirus (CoViD-19) has received global attention, and various stakeholders in the healthcare value chain are mobilizing their resources, placing considerable efforts to control spread and find a solution quickly. Many digital initiatives (e.g., tracking applications) were launched since Jan 2020; however, unfortunately, no application provides tips for consistent prevention and safety.

(by http://www.iValueHealth.NET) becomes the world’s first application to provide “Health Tips” on Coronavirus CoViD-19. Tips are compiled from various information made available by WHO, CDC, UN, NHS, and other national sources. The end goal is to increase awareness and let people know essential habits to protect oneself sustainably on a daily basis.

The application is available in more than ten languages (e.g., English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Bahasa, and more) covering large segments of the population around the world. It is even more critical in developing/emerging countries, where the risk of spread is considerably higher. Thus, the company decided to launch a light version of the application exclusively on Android.

You can download it via Google Play by clicking here
[]. iOS device users can access the service at http://www.iValueHealth.NET

This application is not intended to replace any medical professional’s advice nor treatment plans. Service is open to all the institutional partners (public and private companies both) who want to contribute and increase awareness fighting against the disease.

About www.iValueHealth.NET:

It is one of the largest multilingual Healthcare Social platforms. It has about 2 million members, and offers a white-labelled digital healthcare platform (B2B, B2B2C, B2C) to increase health awareness and promote health inclusion “Health for Everyone,” and using “Mobile for Growth.”




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