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Irvine, CA – The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the United States hard. Jackie Ni, a Sage Hill high school senior, wanted to get out and help, to be an instrument of light in his community and encourage others to do the same. In just a few short weeks he developed a website that offers a more transparent and efficient way for individuals and organizations to make donations. The mission of his site,, is to “combat COVID-19, one crate at a time.”

?While there are websites out there that help match donors with medical facilities, Jackie noticed some major flaws. First, many sites do not give accurate information as to the actual supplies needed. They also may not reflect the real time needs of the facility based on COVID-19 cases in the area. For this, offers a mapping system.  Donors can see where there are higher concentrations of coronavirus cases and strategically send donations to those harder hit areas and get real time updates on actual supply and demand.

?Another flaw of current donation sites is the ability, or lack thereof, for donors to track their donations. Jackie’s family recently sent out thousands of surgical masks to medical facilities in neighboring states but was wanting the peace of mind knowing that their donation safely arrived in the right hands.  “My site allows you to use QR codes to transparently make a donation and track where it goes, and when it arrives.”

?The new website, which goes live on April 3, 2020, will live up to its mission, “combat COVID-19, one crate at a time” and encourage others to get involved as we band together to fight this disease. Currently, there are five organizations signed up to make donations.  250,000 masks will be delivered this weekend to senior care facilities, hospitals, and other locations in five states. Visit to make your donation today. Let’s fight this disease, TOGETHER!



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