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Fayetteville, NC Mom Gives New Single A Live Church Sound

Local Mom Aims to Lift Church Members’ Spirits Around the World

On May 5th, 2020, Myreah Eley, mom, singer-songwriter and rapper, released a single entitled “Praise Him” for an upcoming album her and her spouse call “Pandemic”. The single is giving listeners a happy church-vibe feel that we could not achieve due to social distancing.

“I wanted to give fellow Christians something to jam to. I think we all miss church and hearing a good choir sing,” Myreah stated. “When we engineered the song, it was only right that we left it sounding live and raw.”

Myreah and her spouse lost someone very dear to them back in March. Since then, the positive couple has went on to create music, videos, and additional creatives that they plan to reveal overtime. Myreah is also working on a book for those who struggle with depression, and she plans to have it available on Amazon by mid-July.

Myreah is a mom of five and a stepmother of three. In spite of her surroundings and circumstances, she is completely optimistic about the future. Her faith remains at the forefront of her heart, and she continues to allow God to be the foundation of her marriage, family, and music. With depression and anxiety rising around the nation, she uses her gifts in hopes to lift people’s spirits. “I had to remind my brothers and sisters that we still have millions of reasons to praise Him!”

Praise Him is available on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and other streaming platforms. You can also download the song on her label’s website at eleyenforcementent.life.

To interview Myreah, contact her directly at any of the following methods.

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