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Baltimore, MD.  Studies show that only 38% of young women who have a child before age 18 get a high school diploma. Statistically 80% of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare.  Well media relations mogul, Shauna Lamore, cordially says “F*ck Your Statistics” in her new acclaimed autobiography and guided journal.  Shauna is living proof that your past circumstances don’t dictate your future.  She has successfully raised twin girls while  creating her own public relations firm.

“F*ck Your Statistics” is part biography and part interactive journal, giving its readers the opportunity to write down their own personal life struggles.  In addition to writing about teen pregnancy, Shauna also highlights other issues in society such as maternal health and mortality among African American women.  Lamore faced those maternal health statistics head on when she experienced heart failure after giving birth.  Her heart failure and birth complications caused her return to the hospital just 10 days after giving birth.  That resulted in her being on life support and a six week hospital stay. Traumatic is just one word that can be given to describe this life changing health scare.

Fast forward thirteen years and Shauna  is a successful publicist and owner of her own firm.  She had successfully placed her notable clients among hundreds of media platforms, ranging from local  to international, to expand their visibility. Shauna is collectively using her platform to inspire women who may be experiencing similar struggles.  Her hard work and grit have paid off and even earned her a nomination at the upcoming  Black Media Honors.  “The awards and recognition aren’t why I do what I do but they’re an honor and a reminder that there is no limit to how great you can become no matter where you started” says Lamore. “I’m excited for all opportunities to network with others especially in my industry because we all have a story and I’m so ready to tell mine.”

“F*ck Your Statistics” illustrates that the only standards that define us are the ones that we set for ourselves. It encourages its readers to negate the labels others may place on them and become their own exception to the rules. Featuring the statistics directly correlated to each of the topics discussed, the book juxtaposes the expectations society placed on Shauna with her own expectations for herself and her future. It’s safe to say that Shauna Lamore is living proof that your past doesn’t dictate your future.


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