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To whom it may concern,

We hope this finds you well during this difficult time. 

We are Matt Heart and Jhuryll Phoenix, a father-and-son duo behind the popular YouTube comedy channel, “FatherAndSonTalk”, and beloved recording artists. 

In light of these challenging times during the COVID-19 crisis, and racial equality coupled with protesting riots, we are excited to announce that we are donating $100,000 in proceeds from our latest album, “Most Wanted,” to 1, 2, 4, or 10 “FatherAndSonTalk” supporters. We provide an opportunity on our website on how we should give the money away! Also, we have two contest. The first is for anyone interested in producing and/or recording a song with us. Second, is for an inspiring actor/actress with a passion for film, to star in our upcoming musical opera chapters.

We are reaching out to interest you in an interview with us to discuss our donation mission, and inform your audiences on how they can get involved. 

Below is what we can discuss in the interview:

$100,000 Gifting Mission

? How fans can purchase our new album, “Most Wanted,” and become eligible to win $100,000;

? Once 100,000 copies are sold, we will surprise one fan (picked at random) with all the proceeds ($100,000) to help them financially during this difficult time;

? What inspired us to start the $100,000 gifting mission during COVID-19;

? Our new website, www.StartOverSaga.com, where our album is available for purchase, along with other free music for our fans.

About “FatherAndSonTalk”

? We discuss our history of working together as father and son, and our new album;

? Our diverse, cross-over style of music, which is enjoyed by all ages;

? Our YouTube channel where we talk about everything under the sun and share our love of music, games, movies, and comedy;

If we can interest you in an interview or for more information, please let us know.

Thank you,

Matt Heart & Jhuryll Phoenix


source: www.startoversaga.com/free-music

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Source: Story.KISSPR.com

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