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For the past thirty years, Kenneth W. Welch Jr. has dedicated his career to improving the quality of life for all people. As the CEO and Founder of SeaDog Systems, Inc., his work as a renowned innovator and entrepreneur has centered on creating sustainable systems for the shared global future.

Specifically, Mr. Welch has led SeaDog in the development of a suite of technologies that run on dam-free hydroelectric technology—harvesting wave power. SeaDog’s wave energy conversion systems harness the energy resonant in ocean waves and induce a pumped flow of carousels that convert the potential energy of waves into mechanical energy. These systems not only operate in harmony with natural ecosystems, but they create cold, clean power with all the benefits and economic performance of hydro dam technology within a portable, scalable, and configurable solution.

SeaDog technologies also provide the dual purpose of not only electrical generation but also desalinating ocean water for freshwater production. The impact of SeaDog technologies in the sustainable energy world has the potential to be staggering, with just 1 square mile field of SeaDog carousels generating enough to power an estimated 1 million homes. (SeaDog Systems Technical Evaluation)

During this difficult time in America, with not only the Covid-19 pandemic but massive protests sparked by the death of unarmed Minneapolis black man George Floyd, Mr. Welch believes it is more important than ever to come together as Americans, regardless of our political leanings. He states that we all have a responsibility during this global crisis to be “Conscientious stewards of our planet… using our new chance and awakening to create a new path forward.”

Mr. Welch is not fearful of having the tough, real conversations. He believes in the beauty of America, and as a patriot that includes freedom of speech, the right to assemble, and to transform our government based on the changing needs of the people. He believes that we can “find a middle ground. Embrace love. Instead of fighting opposites, let’s find our way to the middle.”

Just as Mr. Welch has devoted his vocation to discovering ways to revolutionize how we consume energy, he knows that the same transformation is possible among people. His vision for the future is “free of destruction and strife, where there is a better path for all. We at SeaDog believe in equality. Racism is not a political issue, but a human issue. It is simply not acceptable.”

SeaDog provides innovative and efficient solutions to complex problems, and Mr. Welch expects nothing less from the American people. Through open dialogue, as well as

accountability to historically marginalized voices, we can create a sustainable environment where all people feel safe, protected by the law, and deeply valued. He states, “We are on the brink of a global enlightenment, people’s revolution, and planetary change. This moment in history will bring countries, governments, and all peoples together, forming a new global arrangement aimed at planet revitalization & growth restoration; offering sustainability, profitability, and prosperity.”

“Driven by the passing of the world’s current pestilence, strife, natural disasters, economic mismanagement/corruption, and racial failures,” Mr. Welch is passionate that we must “forge a new world directed at saving the earth, its resources, and its people for generations to come.”

Mr. Welch sees this planetary shift as “a revolt of mind, body, and soul to create a new order of thought uniting nature, its creatures and the peoples of the world, under a new management free from the past, focused on a sustainable, humanitarian growth-based future with many cultures working together.” 


About SeaDog Systems:

SeaDog Systems, Inc. was formed in February 2016 and acquired the intellectual property related to its current suite of technologies. SeaDog Systems immediately engaged in consulting contracts with Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. and several key partners that possess the determination, abilities, and resources to bridge the gap between SeaDog Systems’ vision and its tech to reality. A unique team headed by Mr. Welch has committed itself to this mission. For more information on Kenneth W. Welch Jr. and SeaDog, please visit www.seadogsystems.com. or email [email protected] 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seadog.systems/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/IncSeadog

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/seadog-systemsinc/  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KWelchjr/


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