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Bradley Allen, a fashion-forward apparel company based in Denver, today announced the launch of its physique tailored pants. The successful apparel company was one of the first fashion lines to focus on tailored clothing for bodybuilders and muscular built men.

Bradley Allen Physique Tailored Dress pants are engineered to fit larger thighs, calves and glutes. The dress pants feature an adjustable waistband accommodating waist fluctuations up to four pant sizes. Other features include:

  • Custom fit. All dress pants are unhemmed and are ready to be custom-fitted to individual lengths. 
  • Custom Tailoring. Bradley Allen offers $12 in-house hemming with a two week turnaround time. Customers can also purchase the pants online as-is for tailoring.
  • Easy Care. The blend of fabrics makes the pants easy to self-maintain at home, or customers can also choose to have the pants dry cleaned. 

Dr. Brad Poppie, serial entrepreneur and bodybuilder himself, founded Bradley Allen Apparel when he personally struggled finding dress clothing to fit his body type. The current athletics retail industry provides limited dress apparel options for fitting the muscular physique. By focusing on fit, feel and a polished professional look, Bradley Allen Apparel has created the best athletic fit dress shirt and pants on the market. 

Poppie added, “We have designed clothes to transform the image of bodybuilders and muscular men. Rather than settling for baggy clothes or high-priced tailoring, we are empowering bodybuilders with confidence. No matter the size of biceps or thighs, bodybuilders now have quality apparel that is stylish and comfortable.”

Since the launch of dress shirts in 2018, customers continue to rave about the custom fit, quality apparel. What customers are saying:

 “Bradley Allen has customized a clothing line to my body. They look great and feel comfortable.”- Dorian Haywood, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Chiropractor. 

“At 275 pounds, Bradley Allen fits my body and is tapered in all the right places. I don’t have to wear the typical unflattering, bulky ‘big man’s’ shirt anymore, and it feels great both in the office and on the weekends.” – Andy Haman, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, USA National Freestyle Wrestling Champion and Founder of IncredibleWay Nutrition. 

Bradley Allen Physique Tailored Apparel will continue to expand its stylish clothing line with exclusive polo shirts. The vast colorful collection will be released later this year. The current collection can be viewed on the company’s easy-to-order website which also includes an informational guide for the best fit. 

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