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Twenty-Twenty Studios announced today the premiere of the Track Two podcast, a fresh approach to track two diplomacy, also known as people-to-people diplomacy. Track Two transcends traditional methods of narrow power-based approaches to developing mutual understanding and cultural exchange. Co-hosts Sarah Gerber and Joanne Gouaux combine talents to delve into conversations with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, journalists, civic activists, and more. Listeners can expect empowering stories across the series highlighting values, systems, and skills as a common foundation for a vibrant, healthy society.

Track Two, season one, is dedicated to entrepreneurship.

“The entrepreneurial economy is much broader than the narrow slice of entrepreneurs we see featured in mainstream media,” said Sarah Gerber, Executive Producer of Twenty-Twenty Studios. “We wanted to create a forum to share the diverse voices of entrepreneurs from all different demographics, sectors, and geographies— not just to those with money, connections, or specialized expertise.”

“The ability to take and idea and turn it into a business is empowering. Each episode features stories of how entrepreneurs contribute to innovation and opportunity in their communities, with benefits that stretch around the world,” said Joanne Gouaux. “With so many regions struggling to resolve on-going gaps in economic opportunity and access to resources, we recognize the entrepreneurial playing field is not level. To successfully solve many of today’s biggest challenges we need to generate new collaborative approaches to innovation and for this to happen, we must nurture relationships with our neighbors abroad.”

Track Two is a civil society approach to building goodwill

Gerber and Gouaux approach tough problems with an open mind, through the lens of social entrepreneurs. They specialize in building dialogues and programs to improve access to unrealized potential and economic prosperity for all. Drawing upon their collective experience, the hosts offer listeners, friendly, thoughtful conversations with talented people aiming to create something of value with a positive impact on society. 

Belief in possibilities and hope for the future

At a time when communities around the world continue to shelter-in-place or attempt to “return to business as usual,” this conversation highlights the promise of entrepreneurship and how the entrepreneurial mindset allows people to create their future and adapt to limitations of geography and resources. 

Tune in to Track Two on your favorite podcast platform to hear inspiring conversations, personal profiles, and strategies for building an equitable, thriving civil society in the digital-first age.

What does it take for a society to thrive? Who and what contributes to this intricate and complex system needed for human flourishing? Track Two is the meeting place of civil society. Entrepreneurs, philanthropic leaders, activists, and journalists from around the globe reveal personal stories of their approach to problem-solving and making a positive contribution to a vibrant, healthy society. Hosted by Sarah Gerber and Joanne Gouaux, produced by Twenty Twenty Studios in partnership with Morning Angel Communications.

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