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Jupiter, Florida / September 5th, 2020 – Shield USA Inc. is proud to introduce The Society Shield™, the world’s first all-inclusive solution designed to connect members of society, law enforcement and first responders during active shooter, domestic terrorism, fires, and similar other events to create a real-time “shield.”

Sadly, over the past decade, active shooters, domestic terrorists and other similar events have sharply risen in the United States. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight. Injuries continue to mount and countless lives continue to be lost. Politicians and society as a whole have yet to come up with an all-around solution that could help shield us or even limit the number of injuries and deaths that are associated with such events. Until now.

The Society Shield™ is a patent-pending app that is available as a FREE download for both Android and Apple devices and interfaces with the following Shield USA solutions: 

The Real-Time Live Floor Plan Shield:
The real-time floor plan literally illustrates the floor plan of any workplace, school, stadium, mall, and just about anything else with a floor plan. This is an intuitive and highly simplistic SaaS-based solution that is available for those who want “shield” a particular the people within a certain location.

The Real-Time Proximity Map Shield:
Similar to the floor plan, this solution shields “public” spaces. During an active event, the Society Shield™ will create a proximity grid whereas all users who previously downloaded the free Society Shield™ will instantly become shielded and allowed to utilize Society Shield’s functions. 

The Society Shield™ solution provides several advanced features not seen in other security solutions and should not be construed to be another “first-alert” app. For example, administrators, first responders, and users are able to view the location (within a foot) and interact directly with users on the live floor plan, report injuries and medical backgrounds to first responders so they may start “triage” before arriving to any active event, send and receive real-time messages, send custom “escape” routes, send pictures, open up live video channels and for the first time ever create custom real-time active shooter/terrorist/fire simulations and much, much more. 

“There has never been an all-around solution protecting society from these events. Society as a whole has waited for a solution, but to date, all we’ve had access to were “first alert” solutions that fail to manage an active event and connect us with people located outside of an event. It’s time someone actually shielded all of us,” states Shield USA’s President Robert O’Kane.


Shield USA™ Inc., formerly Shooter Shield Inc., a company based in Jupiter, Florida, recently emerged from incubation to release its flagship product called Society Shield™. The company’s mission is to introduce its patent-pending app solution that connects location administrators with users in and outside of an active event. For more information please visit shieldusa.net or email [email protected] or call Robert O’Kane at 561.255.7541.

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