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Being known as the noble symbol of gratitude for decades, Danisa understands that Mid-Autumn occasion is the perfect time to give thanks and appreciate the bounty of nature, and to celebrate with reunions and gatherings for quality time with loved ones.

Trying to find that perfect present for family or friends to celebrate the Mid-Autumn can be difficult, but understanding the traditions and gift-giving norms of the season will help in picking out the right gift for the loved ones. So, for the first time in this Mid Autumn Festival, Danisa is pleased to introduce a limited edition of Danisa Full Moon Gift Set.

Ho Chi Minh City, August 24th, 2020: Danisa – the prestigious butter cookies brand originated from Denmark has launched its campaign “With Danisa To Celebrate A Mid-Autumn Festival Of Gratitude”, with a signature Danisa Full Moon Gift Set and a comparably meaningful action to express gratitude to the local medical workforce, who dedicate their lives for everyone.

Around the middle of August each year, every Vietnamese, from young to old, lingers the feeling of the Mid-Autumn festival filled with a sense of togetherness and appreciation towards their families, partners, and friends. Gift-giving on such an occasion, therefore, has become a cultural beauty that Vietnamese people have treasured.

This year, Danisa Butter Cookies wants to be a part of a meaningful Mid-Autumn celebration for everyone. With an authentic Danish recipe that is passed down through generations of master bakers, Danisa Butter Cookies is the perfect choice for gift-giving. Danisa has created a special version for Mid-Autumn Festival by introducing The Danisa Full Moon Gift Set with the combination of Danisa’s premium cookies assortment and Vietnamese fragrant tea to deliver not only the feeling but also the deepened gratitude of the givers to the recipients. The royal formula of authentic Danish butter cookies combines with strong Vietnamese tea flavor, both sweet and savory, packed in a gift of unspoken love, seemingly embracing the incorporated harmony of the two different cultures.

Mr. Sunardi Tjhin, the Country Manager of Danisa Vietnam shared: “Danisa has been a part of gratitude gifting for decades. As a globally renowned brand, we appreciate the culture of each country. We even name one of our variants as Harvest Moon, honoring the symbol of Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“This year is very special for everyone as we have been facing lots of challenges caused by the pandemic. Many families get separated and many loving words left unspoken due to the distance. Therefore, on the Tet of reunion – an important celebration of togetherness, Danisa is delighted to introduce for the first time our Mid-Autumn Gift Set, a refreshing way to let Vietnamese consumers convey their feeling to the supporters and the ones they really love and care. So now, you do not have to wait until the next special occasion to express your gratefulness. We kindly hope that this combination of aromatic tea and rich buttery cookies will enable each and every customer to profoundly speak their dear heart and gratitude to the fullness, creating a joyous festive celebration with your beloved under the moon.”.

On this occasion, Danisa also wants to express the deep appreciation for all medical workforces – the unsung heroes who have been sacrificing themselves unconditionally to protect us during the hardship of the pandemic. Therefore, Danisa will join hands with our consumers to donate 20,000 VND on each of the Gift Set sold to support medical equipment and gifting to families of the medical staff at the country’s leading hospitals.

Danisa Full Moon Gift Set

Inspired by the Danish gift-giving culture, Danisa Butter Cookies has incorporated this essence into this year Mid-Autumn Gift Box with new royal formula butter cookies and Cau Dat Farm fragrant tea to bring a sense of togetherness and happiness on the occasion of Full Moon Festival including the Harvest Moon; round butter cookies with crispy coconut flavor, giving an extraordinary savory sensation. The creation of this flavor is related to the story that Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festivals, fortuitously, encounter the celebration of harvesting in Danish, which both mark an important and joyful occasion when the work is finished and there’s time to spend with loved ones. Butter Pretzel; butter cookies with a sprinkle of sugar, in a shape of a pretzel to reflect the symbol of Denmark. Sugar Slice; butter-shaped cookies with a sprinkle of sugar at the top of. Vanilla Ring; the most favorite classic butter cookie with vanilla flavor and buttery texture in a ring shape. Currant Crunch; the original butter cookies combined with crisp and flavorful currants.

The limited edition of Danisa Full Moon Gift Set will be available for sale at selected supermarkets and stores nationwide from September 1st, 2020. For more information, please visit Danisa fanpage https://www.facebook.com/DanisaVienam.

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