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LOS ANGELES, California –  From Refugees to Recording Artists — Endure: Lebanon follows US music producer, Jay Denton,  from Los Angeles to Beirut as he writes and records an album with Syrian & Iraqi refugees who have fled dangerous conditions in their homeland.

The documentary gives a compelling, behind the scenes, glimpse into the refugees’ stories. The power of these stories comes to life through the process of songwriting and the journey of making a global album with multiple languages and artists from opposite sides of the world.

From moments of intense sorrow and loss, to moments of hope and perseverance, Endure: Lebanon captures the struggle of fleeing inhumane conditions in their native land and starting a new life as a foreigner. Deeply moved by their stories and musical talent, Denton then returned to the US to feature Los Angeles artists alongside the refugees – weaving languages, styles, and voices together to create the truly cross-cultural 24- track record, For Home. 

Film director, Jake Green, beautifully captures ENDURE’s vision of bridging stories from 3 different countries through the universal language of music, and the power of bringing cultures together to amplify the voices of global conflict survivors.  

For more information about the documentary, contact Jake Green of Peaceful Sea Productions at 214-797-7438 ([email protected], peacefulseaproductions.com) or visit www.endurestudios.org 

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