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October 5, 2020 – New Jersey, USA: After years of establishing themselves as a leading ISO certification body & registrar in Europe from their base in Geneva, Global Compliance Service  (GCS) is expanding their reach into the Americas and the Caribbean. Their new headquarters, based in New Jersey, directs all operations in the US, Canada, Guyana & Suriname, Trinidad, and Tobago, and the Caribbean region.

  • European company, GCS, is offering ISO 9001 audits and certifications has expanded service to the Americas and the Caribbean.
  • GCS provides customers with competitive pricing, accessible payment plans, and 24/7 customer service.
  • GCS specializes in the oil and gas industries, though they work with SMEs in all niches.

Global Compliance Service is excited to bring their expertise to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations seeking ISO 9001 certification in the Americas and the Caribbean. They provide accredited ISO audits and can help your organization gain its certification against ISO 9001 and various management systems.

GCS has quickly risen in the ranks of international ISO certification providers because of their competitive pricing, accessible payment plans, and superb 24/7 customer service. By offering customers easy to understand training materials paired with helpful and responsive service, GCS has managed to become a fierce competitor on the world stage. Today, they are one of the most reputable organizations you can use for your ISO 9001 certification.

According to a senior director at the certification body, “one of Global Compliance Service’s main goals is to make international ISO certification available and accessible for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We’re going to do this by combining our excellent customer service, easy access to information, and realistic financing options to help more companies reach accreditation status throughout the world.”

Companies in North, South, and Central America as well as the Caribbean can benefit greatly from working with GCS. Certified organizations have better internal management, are more efficient and productive, and are more likely to have consistent, high-quality outcomes in any industry. While specializing in the Oil & Gas and Petroleum industry, GCS has years of experience serving organizations big and small throughout all sectors. 

Those interested in making their organizations more efficient and productive while improving customer satisfaction can contact GCS to learn more about ISO 9001 certifications. SMEs with existing ISO certifications can also be audited and transferred to Global Compliance Services to retain their ISO compliance. Get a free quote for your organization in less than 24 hours by going here:

About Global Compliance Service: 

Global Compliance Service is an international organization that provides professional ISO Managements Audits and can help members of your organization gain their certification against ISO 9001, 45001, 22000, and various management systems. GCS is an accredited registrar & certification body by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). Learn more at their website: 

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