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KoreTrak is a fitness tracker that tracks steps, sleep, activity, smartphone notifications, and more. Billed as the most affordable smart body fitness tracker under $100, the no-fuss single-touch KoreTrak watch gives users vital health and fitness monitoring at a glance for a fraction of the price of other big name brand models.

You wear KoreTrak daily, then get valuable insight into your daily health and activity. KoreTrak is exclusively available online through, where it’s priced around $50.

How does KoreTrak compare to other smartwatches and fitness trackers? How does KoreTrak work? Should you buy this fitness tracker? Find out everything you need to know about KoreTrak today in our review.

What is KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is a fitness tracking smartwatch available through The smartwatch works similarly to other devices: it tracks steps, sleep, heart activity, and more.

The fitness tracker market has never been more crowded. Today, there are hundreds of fitness trackers ranging from $20 to $200. Some fitness trackers are rugged and waterproof, while others are cheap and basic. Some are fitted with dozens of on-board sensors, while others rely on your phone for most of the processing.

KoreTrak seems to be a low-end fitness tracker marketed at a slightly higher price range than competing devices. At $50 plus shipping, the fitness tracker is more expensive than budget options, although it offers similar features. You can buy FitBit fitness trackers around this price range, and KoreTrak doesn’t have nearly the brand recognition of FitBit and other leading fitness tracker companies.

Let’s take a closer look at how KoreTrak works.

How Does KoreTrak Work?

KoreTrak uses your phone’s GPS to track location, movement, and activity. You connect KoreTrak to your phone via Bluetooth, and KoreTrak uses your phone’s GPS sensor to track location data.

KoreTrak Watch
KoreTrak Watch

Most fitness trackers at this price range use a similar system. It’s rare for a sub-$100 fitness tracker to have onboard GPS capabilities. Most fitness trackers borrow your phone’s GPS signal.

KoreTrak does have a heart rate monitor, allowing the device to track your heart rate without relying on your phone’s sensors.

KoreTrak Reviews
KoreTrak Reviews

After buying KoreTrak and charging the smartwatch for the first time, you download the KoreTrak mobile app for Android or iOS. The app delivers similar insight to other health tracking apps, allowing you to track activity, analyze sleep data, and get heart rate information from a single interface.

Key functions of KoreTrak include:

  • Real-time exercise and movement statistics
  • Health and heart monitoring, including heart rate and blood pressure
  • Smartphone notification support
  • Sleep tracking
  • Calories burned and steps taken

KoreTrak has a display that lists all of this information upfront. The KoreTrak display lists the current temperature, charging status, and time along the top, for example. At the bottom of the display, you see your current heart rate (in beats per minute), your current calorie-burning rate, today’s date, and the number of steps you have taken today.

Like other fitness trackers, KoreTrak can be used with or without your phone. KoreTrak stores up to 7 days of data, automatically synchronizing with your phone whenever it comes within Bluetooth range.

KoreTrak is also IP67 waterproof, and the manufacturer claims you can submerge KoreTrak in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage. However, they do not recommend swimming or diving with KoreTrak. Higher-end fitness trackers have IP68 or ATM5 waterproofing, so IP67 is a lower-end waterproof rating compared to other fitness trackers on the market.

KoreTrak tracks two measurements we don’t typically see with other budget trackers in this price range, including blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. You hold your fingers over the sensors on KoreTrak, and it tracks your blood pressure and blood oxygen. Some fitness trackers (and even some phones) shine a light into your finger to track blood oxygen levels. However, you typically need to wear a higher-end blood pressure monitor for accurate blood pressure tracking, and it’s not clear how KoreTrak tracks blood pressure.

KoreTrak Technical Specifications

Whether you’re paying $50 or $300 for a fitness tracker, you want to know technical specifications for the device.

Unfortunately, the KoreTrak website provides limited information about the device’s exact technical specifications. We don’t know the size of the display, for example. We don’t even know what sensors are on board either. It is unclear if KoreTrak has accelerometer too? The manufacturer website does not disclose this information upfront, making it difficult to compare KoreTrak to competing smartwatches. However, it is very easy to go through all of the perks and features that the KoreTrak watch an affordable smart body fitness tracker in the activity band market.

While other KoreTrak watch reviews reveal the smart body activity tracker has a HD display of 1.3? with a 380MAH Li-ion battery

Water-Resistance: IP67 water and dust-resistance (survives submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes).

Alerts: Vibration alerts, customizable inactivity alerts.

Mobile App: iOS and Android.

Health and Fitness Tracking: Steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels.

Sport Tracking: Multi-sport tracking.

The only other critique of the KoreTrak smartwatch for tracking fitness activity levels and vital sign body metrics, is that the how KoreTrak works details available on the official website are limited as well as the materials used to make the wristwatch. Even when you’re spending $50 on a device, it helps to know all of this information. Due to the extremely affordable price point for the KoreTrak fitness tracker, users looking for a reliable, durable and optimal working smartwatch, it is hard to complain with all of the user-friendly features available in KoreHealth’s watch.

KoreTrak Features

The manufacturer of KoreTrak highlights these features:

Adaptable: KoreTrak is adaptable for all activities and lifestyles. You can use KoreTrak to track multiple sports, for example, or even daily movement around the home or office. Whether you’re an athlete or have a sedentary lifestyle, KoreTrak can deliver valuable health insights.

Durable and Water-Resistant: KoreTrak should not be used for prolonged swimming, although the device has basic IP67 water-resistance, which means it should survive submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Sleep Analysis: KoreTrak tracks sleep when worn at night. If the smartwatch notices frequent movement throughout the night, then you’ll receive a lower sleep score than if you barely moved at all throughout the night.

Heart Health Tracking: KoreTrak tracks various aspects of heart health, including blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.

Mobile App: You can interact with KoreTrak via the mobile app for iOS or Android.

On-board Display: Like most smartwatches, KoreTrak has a basic onboard display that shows crucial metrics like steps taken, calories burned, and current heart rate.

Works With or Without a Phone: KoreTrak connects to your phone via Bluetooth. You can also use KoreTrak without a phone. The device stores up to 7 days of data.

Touchscreen: KoreTrak describes their display as a “touchpad,” although it’s not technically a touchscreen. There’s a single button on the bottom of the display that lets you cycle through functions. There are no other buttons on the device. You control everything else via the mobile app.

Customizable Colors: You can choose from multiple KoreTrak color options on checkout.

Overall, KoreTrak has comparable features to other budget top-level name brand fitness trackers and smartwatches. This is what makes the KoreTrak watch offer so compelling is that the others can cost upwards of three to five times more than the KoreHealth-made smart watch.

KoreTrak Pricing

KoreTrak is priced at around $50 per unit, although you can save money by ordering multiple smartwatches at once. It is important to note there is no free shipping but is only an extra $9 to $11 per order:

  • 1 Fitness Tracker: $49.95 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 2 Fitness Trackers: $99.90 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Fitness Trackers: $112.39 + $10.95 Shipping

The online store accepts PayPal or credit card.

You can select Lifetime Protection for your KoreTrak smartwatch upon checkout. For an additional $22.48, the manufacturer extends your warranty for life. However, it’s unclear how this warranty works – especially given the company’s unusually strict refund policy and is encouraged to reach out to the company with any questions prior to buying KoreTrak watch.

KoreTrak Refund Policy

Most smartwatches allow you to try the device and return it if you don’t like it or of it doesn’t work. KoreTrak, however, has a surprisingly limited refund policy given the heightened awareness of the 2020 pandemic.

The company is extremely easy to work with and is assured to have the best interest for the consumers in mind. You can only request a KoreTrak refund on unused smartwatches that are still in their original, unopened packaging. If you have opened your smartwatch package or used your smartwatch, then you cannot request a refund.

The company may offer a better refund policy to certain customers. The terms and conditions simply states that the smartwatch “must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn and in its original packaging” to qualify, while the . Contact the company to initiate the refund process as they are a highly reputable brand that works to serve the consumer the most affordable smart watch fitness tracker this year.

Who’s Behind KoreTrak?

KoreTrak is marketed online by a Clifton, New Jersey-based company named Quality Performance Limited. 

You can contact the makers of KoreTrak via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Phone (United States & Canada): 855 219 4892
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 5133 5668
  • Phone (United Kingdom): 033 0818 0828

Final Word

KoreTrak is an affordable smart body fitness tracker priced extremely competitive against big brand name smartwatches for very similar features. At approximately $50 per unit, KoreTrak comes with a user friendly mobile app, heart rate tracking, activity tracking, and sleep analysis to name a few key features.

With an easy to use intuitive one touch control pad, the sleek modern looking KoreTrak watch is the smart body health tracker you’ve been waiting for to get optimal fitness activity tracking at a glance for a fraction of the price that the top brand name brand trackers without breaking the bank.

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