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Joseph Gish, a relationship is more than just a convenient union between two people. As his unorthodox yet powerful marriage to his wife, Julie, a Chinese national he had met for just 6 days in Barcelona before deciding to move to China for her, has begun to
grow into widespread notoriety, Gish hopes that the launch of a new clothing brand meant for what he dubs a “Power Couple” will bring forth believe in true love and spread an inclusive and positive message among difficult times.

to Gish, the main inspirations for creating this power couple clothing line was the opportunity for his wife to get into fashion and to really redefine people’s understanding of what a power couple is.

going to be partnering with Cosmos Glamsquad, designers who have worked with Deontay Wilder and Shaqille O’Neal in the past, so we’re very excited for that,” Gish said.

the product line will initially consist of different shirts aimed at all sorts of couples so that the message of the product line is inclusive for all types of relationships, says Gish.

unique type of branding is one that Gish hopes will be noteworthy, and push for more unity, peace and love in the world.

one does clothing to promote couples and love and we are going to do it fashionably and stylishly,” Gish said.

the clothing will initially deal with shirts, the hope is that a successful launch will lead to a more expansive set of products. 

hope is that we will be able to expand the brand to broader horizons,” Gish said. “I think the next move would be jewelry and lockets.”

Gish hopes that this clothing brand will signify the strong bond he has made with Julie, especially given all that they have been through as a couple.

wife and I have been through a lot together, and we call each ourselves a power couple because we went through a situation no one could imagine and came out as strong as ever,” Gish said. “ Our relationship is so good that people think we are boyfriend and
girlfriend after 12 years of being married.”

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