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Energy Complex by VitaPost is a daily formula to increase energy levels and perform both mental and physical tasks with greater ease. It contains no calories or sugar, making it significantly less disruptive to the body than the average cup of coffee.

What is Energy Complex by VitaPost?

Everyone gets a little tired now and then. Sometimes, the culprit stays up too late the night before when there is an early morning ahead. Other times, getting enough sleep is easy, but the energy doesn’t last through the afternoon, leading individuals to consume caffeine too late in this rip the sleep they will have later on. Coffee or an energy drink may seem like the solution, but the use of Energy Complex by VitaPost could be a little more helpful.

Energy Complex by VitaPost is made for the people who need more energy to complete the activities they have planned for their day. More specifically, it can support the need for physical energy, improved mental focus, or just amplifying the energy that the user already has. Rather than boosting energy levels with a high amount of sugar, this formula nourishes the body with vitamins that naturally increase energy levels and botanical extracts that can do the same.

Energy is more than just a matter of waking up in the morning. Energy can mean the fuel that keeps the body going through the day, or it can be the ability to stay engaged and motivated. The nutrients inside Energy Complex can support both sides.

Energy Complex Ingredients

This formula includes B-vitamins, anhydrous caffeine, and L-taurine to give users the energy boost they need.

The B-vitamins in this formula has high potency, offering the support that the body needs to use the food consumed as a source of energy. Many of these vitamins are linked to metabolism, allowing the body to burn through it as needed. Energy Complex contains all 8 of the B vitamins and ensures that users can get the most out of their food.

Taurine is often found in energy drinks, supporting everything from the heart to the nervous system. In workout supplements, taurine is used as a performance booster, giving users the support that their muscles need to get through a long and vigorous routine. Taurine is combined with magnesium, which is connected to hundreds of different bodily processes that affect the muscles, blood sugar levels, and more.

Anhydrous caffeine is a helpful way to get the brain active in the morning, improve focus, and increase alertness for any task ahead. Much like a cup of coffee, anhydrous caffeine triggers a boost of energy, and for a good reason – this version of caffeine comes from the dehydrated extract created from both the leaves and seeds of the coffee plant. Users get the perks of coffee, but without the cup.

Along with anhydrous caffeine, Energy Complex includes several other botanical extracts – acai fruit, spirulina algae powder, Tongkat Ali root, Panax ginseng, and American ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea root, and maca root powder. These natural remedies naturally promote more balanced energy, predominantly reducing toxins in the body. For example, Spirulina reduces inflammation with powerful antioxidant benefits, and it has been linked to lower cholesterol levels. Panax ginseng, on the other hand, also offers antioxidants but is used to promote better brain function and support the immune system.

Energy Complex by VitaPost Ingredients
Energy Complex by VitaPost Ingredients

Purchasing Energy Complex

The total cost that users will need to pay for the Energy Complex supplement will entirely depend on how many bottles they want to order in one purchase. A 60-capsule bottle lasts through 30 days of use, so the user should plan accordingly.

Choose from:

  • One bottle for $24.95
  • Two bottles for $44.96 ($22.48 each)
  • Four bottles for $67.44 ($16.86 each)

If the user wants to return the formula for any reason, they have up to 30 days for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Complex

Will users need to acquire a prescription from their doctor to take Energy Complex?

No. Energy Complex is a supplement and does not require a doctor’s approval to use it. However, if users are currently taking any medication, it may be best to speak with a medical professional to determine if it is safe to combine with any existing regimen.

How is Energy Complex meant to be used?

Every day, the user will need to take at least one capsule with a meal or a snack. For individuals who need more energy, they can take it safely up to two times daily, with one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon. To get the most out of this formula, the creators recommend engaging in a healthy diet, as well as a regular exercise routine.

What if users do not like swallowing capsules?

The best way to get nutrients with this supplement is to take it in the form that it already is in – a 19mm long capsule. The ingredients are not meant to be broken down, taking apart, and users should not split the capsule into two halves. Users who find it difficult to swallow a capsule may want to find other energy needs options.

How quickly will users receive their supply of Energy Complex?

Every order is processed as soon as it is submitted, though the standard shipping option will allow the package to reach the customer within five business days. Expedited shipping and international shipping are available at a higher price.

To learn more about this formula, use the live chat function on the website, call 1-888-455-9995, or send an email to [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Energy Complex provides users with a way to get their energy during the day without adding sugar and calories to their bodies like a coffee or an energy drink might. The formula is condensed into a single capsule, which is easier for most people to take than waiting for a coffee to cool down. The remedy focuses on the natural effect that each of these ingredients can provide with vitamins and botanicals. Users can adjust their dose to meet their energy needs, taking up to two capsules throughout the day for balanced energy.


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