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CacaoFit is a supplement that offers all of the health benefits that chocolate loses when it becomes candy. The powder is easy to mix into many recipes, which consumers can read in the bonus materials included with the purchase.

What is CacaoFit?

Chocolate is one of the most adored candies on the market today, and for a good reason. The creamy and sugary taste is an excellent balance for anyone who needs to satisfy their sweet tooth. It has become the most popular treat to purchase for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and any other romantic holiday. There are thousands of memes online that promotes a woman’s constant desire for it. It is even the addiction of many individuals who need to lose weight, overpowering them.

However, chocolate is more than delicious. Many scientific studies show the positive effects that chocolate can have on the body. When someone consumes chocolate, they end up releasing endorphins. Dark chocolate is especially helpful in reducing toxins within the body. However, chocolate’s changes as it becomes the candy bars that consumers know today takes away much of that nutritional value that it holds. What if consumers can enjoy something with chocolate while losing weight?

That is the concept behind CacaoFit. Developed by co-founder Eliza Anne, CacaoFit results from a discovery that completely changes what consumers know about chocolate. When chocolate is made, the process often starts with roasting the cacao bean. The roasting process dries out the beans until they’re ready to become powder, which is how it is mixed into the recipes that form chocolate candy. Unfortunately, the roasting process is detrimental to the active compounds that nourish the body and provide the benefits.

CacaoFit preserves the nutrients that the body will naturally game. According to trials hosted by the creator, the use of this “super chocolate” promoted balance in hormones, reduced stress, any quicker insulin response.

What is CacaoFit?
What is CacaoFit?

How CacaoFit Helps?

The reason that this formula so effective is due to the ingredients included to produce it.

The CacaoFit ingredients include:

  • Organic MCT powder
  • Organic cacao powder
  • Cacao powder
  • Acacia gum
  • Organic coconut milk
  • Organic cinnamon
  • Organic turmeric
  • Lion’s mane mycelium
  • Sea salt

The MCT powder is a common ingredient in keto diets, as it helps the body to break down fats more efficiently. Since the keto diet is based on eliminating carbohydrates to use fat as the energy source, this ingredient is particularly beneficial. Cacao powder, in its organic or processed state, is referred to as a superfood for all the benefits that it offers.

The blend of coconut milk and cinnamon makes the powder even more delectable, but the cinnamon is known to improve digestion and reduce inflammation throughout the body. With less inflammation, the body can heal, and toxins will be eliminated. Turmeric is also a useful ingredient in the fight against inflammation.

Purchasing CacaoFit

To purchase a one-month supply of CacaoFit, the total cost is $53.95. Users who do not think that this amount will be enough will have discounted pricing available for larger orders.

Choose from:

As helpful as this ingredient is, it is necessary to understand exactly what it can be combined into. As a bonus, users are provided with multiple guides with recipes for almost any meal of the day. The first bonus guide is called Decadent Dessert Cookbook, which will take the user on the journey to guilt-free desserts like cake and brownies. The second bonus is the Easy Smoothies Cookbook, which offers the same type of information but smoothie recipes.

The final bonus is a “mystery” since consumers will not know what it is until they received their package. However, Eliza Anne says that it has been a major part of why she’s been able to stick with her new healthy habit.

Purchasing CacaoFit
Purchasing CacaoFit

Frequently Asked Questions About CacaoFit

How is CacaoFit meant to be used?

The most basic recipe that consumers can make with CacaoFit it’s hot chocolate. The user would just need a scoop of the powder with a mug of warm water or milk. However, the recipe guides there provided with the purchase elaborate significantly on the many different combinations that users can make.

How does CacaoFit taste?

According to this guide’s users, the powder provides a taste that is reminiscent of dark chocolate with many health benefits. The formula also includes monk fruit (rather than adding refined sugar) to add a little bit of sweetness.

How many calories will users consume with CacaoFit?

In every single scoop of CacaoFit, users will get only 30 calories. With no refined sugars and a plethora of recipes to choose from, users will not have to worry about this chocolate source becoming a pitfall during weight loss.

Final Thoughts

CacaoFit Helps users to gain more health benefits from the chocolate that they consume. With very few calories and the ability to curb cravings, consumers won’t have to worry about overeating or gaining more weight. Instead, users can get tons of health benefits to improve their weight loss efforts further. Plus, they’ll still be able to indulge in delicious foods like cake, brownies, and more.


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