19th December 2020 – eClaimStatus is pleased to announce the launch of new software that helps doctors and medical institutions speed up the process of medical insurance claims of patients. The software is capable of fetching claim status from 1 to 1000 patients in real-time across 800+ insurance companies. The tool can also provide real-time medical insurance eligibility verification and claim status. It is a known fact that healthcare insurance companies are reducing their reimbursement rates. And medical practitioners are monitoring their revenue closely to avoid any possible payment risks or leakages.

At least 75% of claims are rejected and denied because of inaccurate insurance eligibility verification. And refiling the rejected claims can cost the organization anywhere between $50,000 and $250,000 in annual net revenue for every 1% of the rejected claims. eClaimStatus is an excellent insurance eligibility verification software that will help overcome the revenue leakages. The Health Insurance Verification and Claim Status Software is an affordable solution that is effective and easy to use. It can be used by medical practitioners, medical billing companies, and multi-specialty hospitals.

The health insurance eligibility verification software can fetch the patient’s eligibility and benefits information from over 800 payers in just a few seconds. Single claims or multiple claims, users can get real-time data in less than a minute. Medical centers, hospitals, and practitioners who use insurance verification software can also optimize their revenue by directing each claim to the correct payer on a timely basis. Apart from this, the tool also allows users to get the health insurance claim status wherein they can retrieve instant and updated insurance claim status for single and/or multiple patients in a few seconds. Users can also take timely action to promote effective claims denial management and optimize the revenue by eliminating payment risks.

The highlights of the health insurance eligibility verification software are: single login with access to multiple payer network; zero setup and maintenance hassles; assures real-time eligibility verification from over 800 payers; HIPAA compliant; downloadable reports; excellent customer support; online training; no long-term contract; and it can fetch claim status for 1 to 1000 patients in just seconds. This simple yet sophisticated tool can handle the complex tasks of aggregating crucial data with utmost ease and accuracy. Those interested can sign up for a 15-Day Free Trial and contact the team today for a detailed price list. The tool can be used for insurance eligibility verification in mental health, physical therapy, emergency room & urgent care, and chiropractic departments as well.

To learn more about the insurance verification software visit https://eclaimstatus.com/

About eClaimStatus

Jey Murugesh, Founder & CEO started eClaimStatus with an aim to build a leading technology-enabled process optimization business that can help healthcare providers operate more efficiently. Technologists with over twenty years of combined experience, in the medical billing industry, have developed eClaimStatus as a tool that can handle complex tasks that arise in the claim process.



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