It was a tough year for all humankind. As Sustainability becomes an essential part of the supply chain, it is clearly to conclude that new materials with multifunction is highly demanded for a cleaner and more efficient future. Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd (Beijing Matrix) has been continuously devoting efforts to accomplish the mission. A new material Y-Warm Thermal Insulation from Beijing MatrixTech has won Top 5 in the Fibers & Insulation Category in online ISPO Textrends 2021.

Y-Warm Thermal Insulation Material consists of environmentally-friendly functional polymer materials and PET substrates. Based on the initial basic appearance, Beijing MatrixTech has dug deeper in composition and construction to reach a revolutionary combination of functional features, such as thermal (heat and cold) insulation (thermal conductivity at 0.00824 W/(m*K), CLO ca. 0.6), sweat absorption, antibacterial, vapor penetration, quick-drying, light and thin, safe and ECO-friendly.

Beijing MatrixTech has as well accepted the challenge from the definition of sustainability which is highly concerned worldwide. The synthesis of Y-Warm Thermal Insulation Material is under an aqueous system and the only exhaust from the production is water vapor which can be recycled. The volatile organic compound (VOC) of Y-Warm cannot be detected. The test result of the substance of very high concern (SVHC) fits the criteria of REACH Regulation in European Union. Furthermore, the antibacterial performance of MatrixTech remains excellent even after 50 times of washing, which makes clothing a protective layer against bacteria.

Y-Warm Thermal Insulation Material takes a big leap forward in terms of content and creativity. With the changing of consumers’ lifestyle, the requirements for multi-functional materials urge the manufacturers to have a strong sense of functionality and fashion. The appearance of Y-Warm Thermal Insulation Material (thickness at ca. 0.75 mm) from Beijing MatrixTech has subverted the common sense that the warmth of clothing is mainly guaranteed with the thickness. Compared to white goose down, MatrixTech reduces the thickness of clothes by 80% and increase the warm effect by 5 times.

Y-Warm Thermal Insulation Material can be applied in the temperature range of -50 oC to 150 oC, and fields such as clothing, tent, wall insulation, curtain insulation, car insulation and so on. The innovation in materials is the top priority for the products. This revolutionary material will bring new opportunities to multiple industries.

About Beijing MatrixTech Technologies Co. Ltd

The project of MatrixTech was launched in 2013 in Beijing. MatrixTech was succeeded in lab R&D in 2017 and the industrialization was achieved in 2019.

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