You may have heard of several operating systems other than the normal Android/iOS, Windows/Mac binaries. There are several operating systems based on Linux like Gnome, PureOS, etc. However, there is one which is at the root of them all which barely gets discussed. It’s Unix.

Unix OS 

Unix is basically an operating system that supports multi-user functionality and multitasking. It’s most widely used on desktops, laptops, and servers. However, you can also find applications for Unix on Android and iOS. 

Unix basically has a UI that is similar to Windows which supports easy navigation. The most widely used versions of UNIX include Sun Solaris, Linux/GNU and even MacOS. 

What is UNIX

Uses of Unix

The several uses of Unix include various desktop class features that have even migrated over to mobile devices. These include multi-tasking and multi-functionality. 


Unix is designed for computing that requires high performance. Hence, it’s designed to keep power sharing in mind. Thus, machines that are required to run several applications at once require multitasking, and thus UNIX. This has migrated from desktop class systems to now mobile OS; most notably iPad OS.  

Basis of Modern Tech 

Unix is still being used to add features or simply import features to modern technologies. These include services that are in wide use around the world like streaming services such as Netflix, and even chat. Command tools from Unix are also much more capable than their Windows OS counterparts. They’re both faster and more versatile for executing commands. 


Linux, often called the third OS, is based on Unix. It is open source and free and has resulted in several deviations. Some of the more recognizable ones include Fedora, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, and PureOS. They’re more geared towards enthusiasts and programmers rather than general users.


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