Whoever said it is impossible to find a 3D content creator with great quality offered for free has just been proven wrong with the arrival of the Created with open-source in mind, the program is available free of charge and had been developed and optimized for seven operating systems.

Blender 2.48a is a continuation of the Blender suite which has been in existence for a decade now. It continues on its predecessors’ impressive 3-D creation capabilities and with new features unique to it. One of this is the sun/sky feature. This neat new feature allows animators to simulate skies better than previous versions. It also has the new Grease Pencil feature which allows users to make notes and reminders on an animation draft, making it more ideal to collaboration and group work than ever before.

Skepticism is always addressed with evidences. As part of its portfolio, Blender was utilized by the storyboard department during the production for Spiderman 2. The crew of the movie came up with animatics as well as visualizations using the software suite.

The best part is that you can use it with just about any operating system. The system works fine with all the major operating systems especially Windows and Linux.

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