– Performing the role of the famous agent 007 doesn’t seem that easy, Daniel Craig is the living approval of that; he has several fingertips, rips bruises and eight stitches as a price of being the most famous hero in US theaters.

He will show up again in the James Bond movies “Quantum of Solace” which will be shown on US theater by Friday, “I’ve always liked the physicality of the Bond movies,” Craig said, “and as a film fan, I’ve always liked it when you’re not being snapped out of the story line because you suddenly see it’s a stunt man.”.

Director Marc Forster (“Monster’s Ball,” “Finding Neverland”) said that he wanted this Bond to have a raw emotional side to go with the action-movie propulsion, “I think that I wanted the film to feel sort of like a bullet. It … keeps us on the edge of the seat until the last frame. But at the same time, that there is sort of an emotional texture to Bond’s character, which was very important to me,” he told CNN. ”

“But I think it was still important to feel that, and get a little hint of his pain he is carrying around. Because in the last one he lost the love of his life and he’s out there trying to search for an answer.”

Craig also working on two other movies beside James Bond the first called “Defiance,” slated for release next month, is about a story during World War II; and the second one is “Flashbacks of a Fool” is a British film about an overindulging American actor.

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