Another Mesothelioma lawsuit was stated by Susan Ramsey, West Palm mesothelioma attorney on November 12 2008 for Plant worker who states secondary exposure to airborne asbestos fibres is responsible for mesothelioma diagnosis.

Wisconsin resident, Donald A. Duberstein presented a mesothelioma claim in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court on October 30, 2008. The lawsuit names various manufacturing companies, Sprinkmann Sons Corporation of Illinois, and Young Insulation Group of St. Louis, where these asbestos insulation and linings were commonplace.

Informed South Florida mesothelioma cancer attorney, with the law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates, specifying the following facts about asbestos exposure:
-Shipyards, oil refineries, and power plants typically contain high levels of asbestos containing products.
-Naval corpsmen, electricians, plumbers, oil refinery employees, construction workers and asbestos removal laborers are at higher risks of asbestos exposure.
-Mesothelioma lung cancer and other types of mesothelioma cancers are directly linked to asbestos exposure.

Susan Ramsey advised that if anyone was exposed to asbestos, suffering from respiratory signs or his beloved has a history of cancer caused by asbestos exposure, then you should consult yourself with medical experts who are professional in asbestos’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, then you should ask a professional lawyer who have experience in mesothelioma products claim suitcases so he can help you.

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