– Intel Company has added for her magnificent microprocessors family a new member called “The Core7” on Monday, the high tech chips has 4 cores based on the company’s code name Nehalem architecture, and they will release three models for desktop computers and gaming machines.

The chips are second generation product of the most advanced manufacture of Intel Corporation, it creates circuits of 45 manometers in width, it is expected that more than 18 computers containing the new Core7 will sell in the coming period, however some opinions have doubts in that through the occupational financial crisis.

The chips are very remarkable; they have built-in memory controller and Intel Quick Path interconnect, Thoese features steal a page from the architecture popularized by AMD with the Opteron server chips that launched in 2003. After five years, Intel is closing the case with AMD on memory and power efficiency. This released will make Intel on the top in the technology market even in front of AMD by a step; Intel is calling the chip family the “fastest microprocessor on the planet.”

The Core7 including a 965 extreme edition running at 3.2 gigahertz is about $999 for gaming computers, while the cheapest part is about $284 running at 2.66 gigahertz.

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