SEATTLE, OR – November 13, 2008 — Knovolo offers an easy way to reach customers on their mobile phones. Whether it be advertising a property for sale, promoting an event, or launching a new product, Knovolo’s text message and Mobile Web platform can deliver your marketing message and enhance your campaign. Text message usage in America has increased dramatically over the past few years, and smart marketers are paying close attention to the role of the cell phone in the everyday life of consumers.

“In order to be competitive in their marketing campaigns, companies now need to embrace text messaging and the Mobile Web in their strategies and approach,” Knovolo CEO Founder Greg Bouwens points out. “This is an exciting new marketing channel that is valid, mainstream, and personal, and it is available today. Everyone should be taking advantage of it.”

How does it work? By texting a specific keyword to a 5- or 6-digit phone number, consumers gain access to information about a specific product or event. This information comes in the form of a response text message that contains a link to a branded page optimized for the Mobile Web. The information is delivered via text message and mobile browser, which ensures the highest reach across all cell phone makes and models because there are no special applications to download.

“Most importantly,” concludes Bouwens, “we provide detailed reports to companies that run campaigns with us. These reports include the phone numbers that requested the information, the date and time of the request, and the keyword requested. We can setup the entire campaign and reporting in a few hours.” Knovolo also has a Lead Notification system that will instantly alert, via text message, a sales agent or marketing coordinator when a keyword request has been made.

The newest of Knovolo’s tools is a feature that allows consumers to use their mobile phone to request that a brochure be emailed to them. “This is a great blend of the traditional and mobile Internet,” Bouwens explains. “Rather than, for example, trying to remember a long Web site address on a poster, people can immediately request more information from their mobile and then forward that information to their email. We ran an email campaign for Mobile Internet World 2008 a few weeks ago, and we’ve seen a great response from around the country.

In addition to providing its Text Link service to Quadrant Homes and individual real estate agents from Coldwell Banker Bain, Keller Williams, and RE/MAX, Knovolo was named this year’s Exclusive Online Marketing Sponsor for Mobile Internet World.

About Knovolo:

Founded in 2005, Knovolo is a Mobile Web service provider based in Seattle, Washington. Our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) makes your Mobile Web content look good and load quickly on almost any mobile device. Our text messaging platform enables us to set up your text marketing campaigns in hours, not days or weeks. Knovolo – the clear leader in text and Mobile Web marketing solutions.

Knovolo and the Knovolo hand logo are registered trademarks of Knovolo, LLC.

Jay Holcomb
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