(Liberal KS) Ponka Pumps Inc. has successfully completed a 12-month field test of the highly anticipated Ponka high efficiency pump jack. The unique twin cylinder nitrogen / hydraulic pump is a low profile-high efficiency pumping unit that reduces production operating costs by 50% or more over conventional pumps. The production units are expected to begin rolling out of the company’s ten-acre manufacturing facility in February of this year.

According to Tim Long, the company’s CEO, Ponka expects to release a formal Request For Proposal to selected distributors for the exclusive right to distribute Ponka Pumps on a regional basis worldwide. Given Oil and Gas price declines in the recent months and the need to reduce production-operating costs, Ponka could not have picked a better time to roll out this highly efficient and reliable technology. According to a spokesperson for the company, Demand for the Ponka Pump has far exceeded our most optimistic projections of a year ago.

Mr. Long, who is also the founder and current CEO of Panhandle Oilfield Service Co., said the new pump unit has generated tremendous interest due to the reduction in production operating costs. Based on the level of interest we are receiving, we are now looking at doubling our planned production capabilities in the first year. We have also started looking at manufacturing licensing arrangements in certain foreign markets. Ponka Pumps Inc. can be contacted in Liberal, KS at 1-620-624-7867.

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