I.Ameican Recovery and Reinvestment are demanding for Leadership with national and global Responsibility based on Authentic Idantity also,
-to prevent an Aggressive Nuclear Strike and Holocaust II,
-to avert an international Financial War of Conquest,
-to realize real middle East Peace.

II.After an Ear of Profound Irresponsibility US Consititution,Law and Justic must be restord and built up.
Holocaust Justic must be included.In the Auschwitz Lawsuit in Washington DC President Bush has subjected -by an unconstitutional Act of Usurpation – the Holocaust of WW II,the greatest Crime in Jewish History,as well as Holocaust II, under his Imperial Presidency.
He has obstructed the Principles of Fair Trial.

III:Following Jewish Law,Judao-Christian Principles and Tradition,The American Intervention Rule in the League of Nations Act of 1919, ratified by European States,Common Law (Statute cases), the Report to Morgenthau Jr., January 13,1944
and Roosevelt’s basic Principle of Executive Order 9417,January 26,1944 the,the failre to rescue Hungarian Holocaust
victims-gassed since May 1944 in Auschwitz-has been a Crime.

Therefore the Jewish Auschwitz victims have filed the class action for Atonement. The Lawsiut is still pending.

IV.After receiving Federal Judge’s Summons Bush confirmed in his reply to complanit:The US accepts the well-pled allegations in the complaint as true.
The President has repeated this confession in Yad Vashem on January 11,2008, with the taboo-breaking words:We should habe bombed Auschwitz.
But Atonement is a combination of Confession, Repentanceand Compensation.

V.Bush denied Atonement. In the Lawsuit he has declared:President’s Sovereign Immunity applies even in Holocaust cases. Federal courst do not have jurisdiction.
With this Declaration the President has broken Common Law,USMartial Law and Nuremberg Principles:Commander’s Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity on innocent civilians.

VI.By subjecting the Holocaust Law, main conclusion from WW II,President Bush has injured the Jewish Soul.

Since 1995 we have demanded for Holocaust Impeachment Bush Scrutiny.
The War on Terror does not need Holocaust II,but he cannot be won without Authentic Identity.
For protection the Preventive Defensive Strike anginst Enemy Attacks is availbale,but not only on basis of ideological reasons.

VII.BushAdvisors have mis-used the Auschwitz Lawsuit to justify the well-preparedPreemtive Nuclear Strike against Evilincluding Holocaust II. The habe broken the ban on Aggressive War by WW II.


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