Carson City Nevada, January 16, 2009 — If increased taxes are implemented at a time when so many of our state’s residents and businesses are struggling, it will further slow our economic recovery. Due to the economy, families are having to do without. Businesses are having to reduce jobs, wages and expenses. The government must do the same. Otherwise we will push families and businesses past the breaking point, says James Settelmeyer, Assemblyman District 39.

Settelmeyer goes on to say, There are many solutions to the current economic crises that have not been implemented and must be considered first. Solutions have been proposed for years in the form of Bill Drafts such as the elimination or suspension of the prevailing wage law. Many other suggestions have been put forward by the Guinn Commission in 2001 and the current sage SAGE Commission. New taxes won’t produce revenue quickly enough. If the legislature passed a tax against the Governor’s veto it wouldn’t able to collect sufficient revenue quickly enough to offset the shortfall that is currently upon the state of Nevada.

Assemblyman John Marvel said, Nevada has to tighten it’s belt like everyone else. He was right. The state has tough choices ahead of it, just like its people. We can’t take the easy way out; we must look at what we have been doing as a state, what has gotten us into the problem we are now in and change it, says, Settelmeyer.

Settelmeyer’s Solution

* We need to put partisan politics aside and do what is best for the state of Nevada. There will be parts of the Governor’s proposal that we will disagree on but hopefully we can leave special interest groups behind and do what is best for all Nevadans.
* I agree with the governor that we must eliminate any duplication from our government and that these changes, while difficult, will result in a more efficient and effective government.
* Our goal needs to be efficiency in government. We can no longer allow the inefficient and costly concepts that have helped to create the train wreck we now face to continue. And until the government is efficient we shouldn’t ask the people to give more money in the form of taxes.
* The people and business of the state are struggling to exist. This is not the time to break them by implementing new taxes.
* We must also be careful about the sovereignty of the state. Some are talking about going after federal money, a state bailout. The federal government is not the solution, it is the problem. We can’t rely on it to fix our state. If not for all the feds unfunded mandates, we not be in the situation we are in now.

For more information contact: James Settelmeyer, Assemblyman District 39, 775-450-6114, [email protected],


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