End the Deadly Silence

You foolish people of Earth! You are dooming yourselves, and many living things on this planet, to an untimely death. Your path through history is coming to a point of no return, and options are limited. There are now only three outcomes possible. Future number one, which is the most natural and desirable, comes to pass when mankind realizes that everyone must work together to fix the many dangers looming ahead. Until now, that is not happening. Future number two, slowly beginning to unfold, leads to annihilation both catastrophic and violent. The third possibility offers a way of redemption, but not without inherent difficulties. Some religions teach Armageddon scenarios and ‘End of Days’ prophecies as something God planned for the future. These are dead end predictions that deny any future for humanity as a whole. Actually, a planet at peace is only the beginning for a species destined to inherit the galaxy.

There is one universal and immutable Spiritual Law: ‘mankind must solve his own problems.’ There is no miraculous solution set to unfold while everyone cringes in expectation. A single mortal, being a member of humanity, works just as well; however, ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!’ What would keep a benevolent dictator from becoming a world tyrant, or Anti-Christ? Ideally, an individual should require only a single mandate to oversee the dismantlement and recycling of all nuclear weapons while staying aloof and separate from the process.

Failure to secure a safe future results in horrifying consequences, but not as horribly as this realization: only souls that have fulfilled their obligations on Earth can hope to continue their work off-world or in the deep cosmos. Those souls still left with work to do here remain stranded, simply because most vehicles of life will, in time, cease to exist after the initial destruction.

Fulfilling your purpose for being here hangs in the balance on what you decide. Failing that purpose, other than being a monumental tragedy, amounts to a disastrous waste of time, and heart breaking effort!



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