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New York City, NY — — Over the many years that we have been marketing personal injury attorneys, and trial lawyers in particular, we have found that like many of us in today’s society, they want instant gratification.  Often when we start with a new law firm, we tell them that marketing is a marathon not a sprint, and that it requires a long-term commitment to their partners and their practice to grow their business.

Regardless of how much experience or expertise a marketing shop may have, some of your marketing campaigns will not produce the desired results for your law firm.  Advertising is not a science it is an art.  We try to apply scientific techniques to our executions to maximize results, but successful marketing inevitably involves some trial and error.  Campaigns that have proven results in one geographic area won’t always produce the same results in another, even when the target audience seems to be the same.  Cookie cutter marketing programs offered with a “your name here” approach may get lucky on occasion, but will never capture the qualities that make your law practice or your market unique.

The key to successful marketing is to find the right marketing partner and carefully analyze both your firm’s profile and the results of current and prior efforts.  By testing different approaches creatively and in different media, your law firm can determine the best strategies for you.  Often attorneys and other advertisers draw the wrong conclusions from their failed efforts.  For example, we have heard statements from retailers like “Radio doesn’t work”.  After analyzing the creative and the schedule that was implemented, we found that they ran too few spots and were sold overnight air times that didn’t make sense for them.  Their conclusion about radio should have been “we didn’t do it right.”

The recipe for a successful marketing effort for your law firm is a matter of patience and planning. Your firm must implement a marketing plan that continues to communicate your message across a well-thought out media mix whether you are busy or not.  Evaluate your results and hone your program so that you focus on the strongest components of the plan.  More importantly than anything else is to understand that success doesn’t usually happen overnight, learning is a series of correcting your errors, and don’t quit the marathon after a short sprint.

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