DESPITE THE FALSE CLAIMS AGAINST DIAGNOSTIC DEVICES, INC. AND THE PRODIGY(R) BRAND, THE FDA HAS RAISED NO CONCERNS ABOUT THE SAFETY OR EFFECTIVENESS OF DDI’S PRODUCTS. Diagnostic Devices, Inc., an American-based company, holds its products to the highest of standards and prides itself on providing accurate and affordable diabetes products.

/EIN News/ CHARLOTTE, NC – February 10, 2009— In response to recent claims, there is no truth to the allegations that Diagnostic Devices, Inc. (DDI) has manufactured counterfeit Prodigy(R) test strips. DDI is the owner of the Prodigy(R) brand, Intellectual Property and the patents for the Prodigy(R) products including our Prodigy AutoCode(R) Prodigy Voice™ Meters and Prodigy(R) test strips. Prodigy(R) meters and Prodigy(R) test strips, past, current and future, are and will continue to be manufactured by DDI within FDA guidelines.

Due to the intensity of the recent false claims made by the competitors of Prodigy(R) products, the FDA conducted an audit of Diagnostic Devices, Inc. and the Prodigy(R) product line from January 21, 2009 to January 27, 2009. At the conclusion of the audit, the FDA has raised no concerns about the safety or effectiveness of DDI’s products. In addition, they did not find any of the Prodigy(R) products to be “counterfeit” or “fake” nor in violation of any FDA regulation.

DDI reports that despite these false accusations, January was the most profitable month of sales in the company’s history. DDI have made provisions to stock larger volumes of test strips and meters to accommodate the rapid growth.

Diagnostic Devices, Inc. appreciates the strong support of all of its business partners and looks forward to continuing to provide its high quality Prodigy(R) products.

For more information about Diagnostic Devices, Inc. and the Prodigy(R) brand, visit www.prodigymeter.com or call Diagnostic Devices, Inc. at 1-800-366-5901.

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