Used machinery trade now also in the solar industry

/EIN News/ The solar industry continues to grow. New machines allow an even faster production to satisfy the growing demand. However, new machines require also a very high volume of investment. A cost-saving alternative is to buy used machines.
Nowadays in the worldwide financial crisis, even the market leaders try to cut down the costs as much as possible. And they do not only think of buying used equipment, but maybe also of selling some of their own used equipment.

What is usual in many other branches like the textile or metalworking industry, will now also start in the solar industry: the sale of used machinery by live or online auction.

If a company decides to sell its used equipment it can either do this on its own or assign a specialist company to do it. The best way to sell used equipment is assign an auction company as they have a long expertise in selling all kinds of used equipment. They know where to find end-user buyers who are willing to pay the highest price.

Based on the time schedule of the seller the auction company will advice the best selling method for the assets or complete plant. The type of equipment and local circumstances are also important elements for deciding the disposal method. The equipment can either be sold in an online auction, in a live or webcast auction, in a private treaty sale or a tender sale. Each sale method has its own advantages.

– Online Auctions are a perfect sales instrument, especially for assets with a commodity character (such as large quantities of office furniture and equipment) and for very specific and specialized items aimed at a small and specialized market. Slow-selling stocks, phase-out models or surplus goods can also gain from online auctions. Therefore, online auctions have a high potential in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business areas.

Online auctions have several advantages compared to “live” auctions, e.g. bidders are not compelled to make an immediate decision, the auction process can be observed while an item is still active. Online auctions are convenient for bidders as they are able to participate in the auctions from anywhere in the world. Bidders can be sure that others are not being given preferential treatment as all participants have to adhere to the same terms and conditions.

– Live and webcast auctions are an excellent selling method to achieve good prices in a short time from the highest bidder. It’s the event character which makes a live auction to a very exciting mode of buying new used equipment.
Webcast: the Internet is increasingly being used to support traditional “live” auctions by making the auction available for more potential buyers who do not have time to come to the auction place.

– Tender Sales are suitable for clients either wishing to sell only a few items or an entire plant. The auction company and the client decide on a bid submission deadline. Bidders are then requested to send their written bids within the set bidding period. All bids are submitted in private, i.e. none of the bids are made public to other bidders. After the deadline, the bids are evaluated and the highest bidder wins.

– Private Treaty Sales are recommended when the client is selling goods of a very specific character and for which there is a small market. Private treaty sales are not only suitable for a very small amount of items to be sold but also for assets which together form a complete unit, e.g. a plant or complete production line and where time is not a restricting factor. Private treaty sales are also used when the volume of the sale is relatively small in size.

After the valuation of the machines and the decision about the sales method a catalogue is being made and all lots will be photographed and described. A good preparation of the sale including a very detailed description with good photos of each lot is the most important factor to achieve high prices in a sale.

To get back to the solar industry it’s good to come to know that Deutsche Cell GmbH – a subsidiary of SolarWorld AG – has decided to sell some of its used machinery via an auction company.
The European market leader for industrial auctions – the Troostwijk Group – has been assigned to sell machinery for the production of 5 and 6 solar wafers.

As the market is quite small it was decided to sell the machines in a private treaty sale. That means the interested buyers can inspect the machines in operation on site in Freiberg (East Germany) by appointment and decide afterwards which price they want to offer. If the price corresponds with the expectations of Deutsche Cell the bid will be accepted. The buyer has to pay the bidden price + 15% buyer’s premium + VAT. Troostwijk is taking care of all interested parties, is coordinating the viewing times and will do the invoicing.
As soon as the money has been paid the client can dismantle his machines and take them to its own factory.

More information about the procedure of auctions and sales via an auction company or detailed technical descriptions of the Deutsche Cell machines can be obtained on the website and on request:

Project Manager: Mr. Daniel Holland
Telephone: +49 (0)221-69066-20
E-mail: [email protected]

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