Jewish Auschwitz Resistance PR
March 17, 2009

– Executive Summary –

1.More than 400000 innocent Hungarian civilians , killed in Auschwitz since May
1944, are making up the final accounts of Holocaust/WW II : The plaintiffs had filed a class action against US Power Holders.
German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel will be included in the Auschwitz lawsuit at the
Federal District Court for Columbia in Washington DC.

2.US Power Holders could and should have prevented the deportation of the
Hungarian Jews to the death factory since May 1944. The failure to rescue
the victims and robbing their Gold Train were Crimes against Humanity.
The Chief Nazi War Criminals gassed the deported victims.

3.Based on Main Responsibility for the mass murder on the European Jews
Germany must pay main cash.
As Atonement for the failure to rescue the victims the US should take a
small part of punitive damages of survivors and heirs of the murdered persons.

4.There is no litigation, no Sovereign Immunity of US President and no State
Immunity of Germany in Holocaust cases.

5.There is no double burden for Germany.
Both sides will produce their own figures. Existing valuations amount to
100 Bio. Dollars (German Holocaust payments) and 280-320 Bio. Dollars
(Jewish Holocaust Damages).
But the class action of Jewish Auschwitz Resistance has been based on own
figures, which had put on an average sum on each dead person.
Germany never payed for dead persons.

6.President Bush said in the Auschwitz lawsuit:
“The US accepts the well-pled allegations of the complaint as true”.
On Jan. 11, 2008, he has repeated with taboo-braking words his confession:
“We should have bombed Auschwitz”.

7.But the President denied Atonement and had confirmed also:

“President’s Sovereign Immunity applies even in holocaust cases.
Federal courts do not have jurisdiction”.

8.Through this statement Bush has broken the US Martial Law and the Nuremberg

“Commander’ s Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity on innocent civilians” .

9.The President has subjected the Holocaust, the greatest crime in Jewish history,
under his “Imperial Presidency”. Bush&Supporters misused the Auschwitz lawsuit
for justifying the well-prepared “Preemptive Nuclear Strike against Iran” –
including Holocaust II. This attack should be realized before President Obma’s

The Jewish Auschwitz Resistance reacted with a “Call for President Bush Holocaust
Impeachment Scrutiny.”

10.President Bush has injured by his Holocaust Usurpation the Jewish Soul.
and the Authentic Identity of the American and International Jewry.

11.In the Auschwitz proceedings Bush has broken the Principles of “Fair Trial” also.
Bush&Advisors have manipulated Federal Judges and obstructed Holocaust Justice.

12. For example: In Washington 3 Federal Judges did not take over the Holocaust
position of the President. Then an Attorney has got the Auschwitz job. Well-prepared
the Attorney has been promoted to Federal Judge, which acted at once – without
hearing the plaintiffs and without the delivering of documents.

Nullification complaints are still pending.

In NY the Chief Judge gave us the Summons before Bush’s reelection, which has been delivered by plaintiff’s courier to White House. After Bush’s reelection the Chief Judge put the Auschwitz slavery lawsuit on ice. The plaintiffs received no answer of Bush
and no document of Ch. J.

1.President Obama should restore – in the Auschwitz case also – Law/ US Constitution. He should realize the Unity of Jewish Law, Judao-Christian Principles, , ,Common Law and International Law.
He should establish Holocaust Justice for the Auschwitz victims.

2.An Auschwitz Atonement would reinforce the national and global “Authentic”
US-Leadership .
It would create a new basis for real Peace process in Near/Middle-East .

3.On basis of “Telling the Truth” and “Taking Responsibility” the part of High Finance
in WW II , “Wall Street Crisis” and “Global Crisis” could be better understood today.
Power Holders ,Top-Insider could and should have intervened in Auschwitz and in
the “Financial Crisis” early to save and rescue victims.

Please have a look at our PR’s since Oct. 2008.
There are more details/facts.

Attorney Peter Wolz just has received a new concrete murder threat.
An International Jewish financier gave a warning.
Specialists will help

We are searching for national and international partners.
The whole project is running since 1998 and has won high
publicity value.

Peter Wolz