Dan Louis, band leader of Mosquito-B, from Quebec City, is taking a break from touring up North and is traveling towards Nashville  for a special kind of spring break.
Dan, with is USA shaped electric guitar will be traveling South and is eager to stop by radio stations and papers(commercial and college) to talk about his album “Raid” and the release of the classic ‘Send in the clowns’, and if the situation arise, play a song or two.
With stops in Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, Richmond, Washington DC and New York Dan will give a taste of the Mosquito music to those select markets.
Revisiting the way an artist was presented to the media, in a world not too far away,  Dan is going on the road with only his guitar, his skills and an insatiable appetite  for communication.
We would love to get your opinions on songs like the remake of ‘Send in the clowns’,
‘Love after all’ and ‘Get your life’…and any other songs from the album for all that matter.