Brooklyn Youth Thrive at the New York Chess and Game Shop

Brooklyn, New York (May 5th 2009) /PRAvenueNW/ — Vaughn Soso, a ten year old boy from Brooklyn,New York won the United States Chess Federation Super National Chess Tournament (K – 8th Grade u-750 section). Vaughn seized the championship with a truly impressive feat of winning every game he played in the tournament! Held the weekend of April 3rd in Nashville Tennessee this year, Super Nationals only happens every 4 years and has been compared to the Olympics because of the magnitude and competitiveness of the event. Vaughn’s accomplishment is especially noteworthy because he is challenged with AD/HD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Although he has played for close to 3 years, success had been marginal until his mom (Michelle) decided to enroll him classes at the New York Chess & Game Shop under the guidance and direction of NYC&G senior chess instructor Christian Whitted after his school’s (P.S. 315) chess program was halted inexplicably.

Jasmin Fermin a 14 year old sophomore at James Madison high school also captured a 1st place championship title during the weekend of April 24th at the All Girls National Chess Tournament in Dallas Texas. Jasmin’s championship accomplishments are doubled! She won 1st place in the “Blitz”(speed chess) section of the tournament and she also won first place in the “Bughouse” section (a tandem variant of chess) with her partner Najeebah Williams! During the 2009 New York Chess & Game Shop Spring Break Chess Camp, Jasmin kicked off her first place streak by snagging 1st Place in the “Advanced” section of the camp.

The importance of using one’s mind can not be overstated and the ability to observe, assess and make the “right” moves are invaluable. The New York Chess & Game Shop helps foster these very necessary life skills through a rewarding and fun game that children love. It’s called chess but it’s definitely more than that.

The New York Chess and Game Shop, located at 192 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, opened its doors in August of 2008 with aspirations of providing a pleasant and comfortable hub for chess and board game enthusiasts. Since its opening, the response has been more than favorable. Its location in Park Slope (a very residential and child friendly section of Brooklyn) lends to the shops popularity but the method of instruction instituted by founder and co-owner Christian Whitted is what cements the relationship between NYC&G and the children and families that make up a large portion of their patronage.

“Gifted and Talented” children flock to this friendly, warm and nurturing environment to exercise and challenge their minds. They come from diverse families. Attorneys, physicians, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and blue collar workers all enjoy the long lasting benefits that chess has to offer them and their children. They particularly enjoy the way the NYC&G staff members instruct.

Christian Whitted, Founder and co-owner of NYC&G decided while teaching chess at the City University of New York, York College, to create a place where his current and prospective students could come and master this art form. He teamed up with long time friend and co-owner, Dr. Kenneth Jones and opened this fun sanctuary for chess enthusiasts and brilliant youth.

Parents are pleased to have a different type of extracurricular activity to enroll their children in and have been delighted with the results.

Children respond favorably to their experience at the New York Chess & Game Shop in many ways. Among other things, parents have seen their children’s grades improve, their self control and maturity increase and their ability to concentrate for longer periods also improve significantly.

“Early bird” discount registration for the New York Chess & Game Shop’s Kid’s Chess Summer Program either online at: or in person is currently under20 way.

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