New Book – Letters To The Sisterhood – One Writer’s Hope To Instill Value Into The Hearts Of Broken Women

Jackson, Mississippi – Monday, May 11, 2009 — Writer, poet, artist, and publisher; Andrelena has written a book targeting broken women. With poetry and woman to woman pose, this book deals with the issues of self-esteem, single parenting, relationships, value, and purpose- to name a few. These letters were written from experience by a woman that has been through it all. A past victim of domestic abuse, a single mother, and a product of bad choices, Andrelena rose above her circumstances to proclaim: “I am Somebody”.

“I just want all women like me to know that they are important”.
“There is an abundant life that can be reached”.
“We have to know how valuable we are in order to accept what’s valuable”.
“We have to begin to make the right choices and this starts by first making the choice to be somebody”.

About Andrelena

Andrelena is determined to reach the world with her message of renewal, value, and purpose. ‘Letters To The Sisterhood’ is available for purchase on May 11, 2009.

Born in Long Beach, California and reared on Governor’s Island, New York and in New Orleans, Louisiana. Andrelena’s focus is on the “empowerment” of women. Her passion to equip women to overcome challenges in life stems from her own life experiences. At an early age, writing became her sanctuary. Writing the truth became her praise. After receiving a vision that launched her into her purpose, Andrelena sets out to inspire, motivate, and encourage women to live life to the fullest. Her love for broken women transpires in her poetry and her letters.

Andrelena is a proud mother of three, a publisher, and published writer. She is a motivational speaker, and a visual artist. She speaks to inner city youth about self esteem, value, finding purpose, reaching goals and spends her leisure time making the world a better place one day at a time.


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