/rueziffra.com/Allan Ziffra-Personal Injury Attorney/ 05/14/2009Though most people are familiar with NASCAR truck driver Mike Skinner because of the fame he has captured as a result of his success on the racetrack, many do not know of the substantial contributions the “Skinner Round-Up” has made to numerous local charities. With a mere few months having passed thus far, the 2009 Skinner Round-Up has raised over $134,000 to support local charities! It came as no surprise when the Central Florida personal injury law firm of Rue & Ziffra teamed up with the #5 NASCAR truck driver Mike Skinner to sponsor his Toyota Tundra in this weekend’s NASCAR All-Star race.Rue & Ziffra is known for its community involvement and charitable contributions throughout the  Central Florida area. The Skinner Round-Up provides much needed funds to charities including Halifax Health, Council on Aging (Meals on Wheels), Greyhound Rescue, and Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare. All attorneys and staff members at Rue & Ziffra are proud and honored to be affiliated with Mike Skinner and the Skinner Round-Up organization. With a local sponsor like Rue & Ziffra helping a local hero like Mike Skinner, the #5 Rue & Ziffra Tundra makes for a winning team that will be tough to beat both on and off the racetrack! Everyone at Rue & Ziffra wishes Mike and his team members the best of luck this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina!