Guy Runyon of EAGiL Announces the ‘Premium Return Option’

WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ – May 18, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — Guy E. Runyon, President and CEO of EAGiL, today announced the introduction of a financial product, the “Premium Return Option” (“PRO”), underwritten by Perfect Pro, LLC, which will revolutionize the way life insurance is purchased by people age 65 and over. Runyon, widely acclaimed as an innovator and authority of life insurance products, described the “PRO” as a “game changer”.

The “PRO”enables one to have their premiums returned if their needs change after purchasing a policy. A potential buyer of life insurance can now essentially insure their life insurance. According to Runyon, “A significant fraction of life insurance is surrendered within the first couple years after origination for no cash value. These insureds paid premiums but because of surrender charges in the early years, were never reimbursed in any way.” The “PRO” allows an insured the opportunity to reconsider his or her purchase without a financial setback. “In today’s world, seniors especially cannot endure any more loss,” says Runyon. “If for whatever reason, their insurance product is no longer necessary, they can simply walk away and be reimbursed for their premiums. This product provides new confidence allowing a senior to secure their financial future in a less-than-perfect economic climate,” explains Runyon.

The launch of the “PRO” marks the first of its kind in the insurance industry. Never before has there been a product to offer a return of premiums. “It will be interesting to see how many clients choose to purchase this product,” wonders Runyon. “But I am sure it will make the life insurance product much more attractive. For sure, it will be a much easier sale!”

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EAGiL Financial Group, LLC is a national corporate and personal financial planning firm, specializing in estate planning for high net worth individuals and conducts business in all fifty states.
EAGiL Life Settlements, LLC is a life settlement provider which purchases life insurance policies for the secondary market and currently transacts business in 38 states.

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