Reclusive Author Has Another Hit

Monday, May 18, 2009

Marina del Rey, CA – May 18th, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — Unlike Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, Dr. Drew, and other self-help advisors, Dr. Nick Shoveen doesn’t make television appearances. He has also instructed his publisher Magic Lamp Press to decline all invitations for radio interviews. Gene Grossman, Magic Lamp’s editor-in-chief, simply claims to only be respecting the successful author’s obsessive wish for privacy, notwithstanding the normal urge for self-promotion so often seen by other authors appearing everywhere possible to plug their latest publication.

All media requests are referred to the author’s website at, where his four most recent books are detailed, along with a brief bio of the author, and his publisher’s disclaimer – an attempt to create some distance from the author’s allegedly misogynistic attitude that many female readers have complained about.

About Nick Shoveen

Shoveen is now being referred to as the ‘Rush Limbaugh of relationship advisors’ after the release of his new book “The Female-to-English Dictionary,” and his reputation may be well-deserved, considering his other books. In 2007 it was a business book entitled “How to Be an Adult Movie Producer.” In 2008 he released the ultimate ‘pick-up’ tome “Meeting Women” (even at funerals), and earlier this year his most popular one to date – on how to set up a one-person adult home business and earn up to $200 per hour.

Media Contact

For more information contact: Gene Grossman, [email protected], (310) 822-2985 or visit: