Thurgood Productions Is Helping Business Thrive In The Down Economy.

A Company in Utah is making an impact with their affordable advertising solutions geared towards businesses.

Salt Lake City, UT May 18, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — Ryan Thurgood, President of Thurgood Productions has been filming since 1996. He has officially owned and operated his business since 2004. Headquartered in Utah, Ryan started the company by filming sports then expanding into business video marketing and advertising.

Five years and 160 clients later, Thurgood Productions is going strong, and there is no sign of slowing down in site. Ryan said, “After doing local sports and athletic filming for a few years the word got around about our work, and we were approached by larger organizations to do their filming”. With no monthly fees business is exploding. Thurgood Productions has now filmed small businesses to Fortune 500 and Athletes such as David Beckham (when playing with Real Madrid) to name a few.

Thurgood Productions has recently turned their focus to businesses seeking a solution for better advertising and promotion. The business clientele range in location and type. “Our clients range from Private Equity Firms in down town to dental offices in the suburbs. We work with a lot of out of state companies as well. We focus on helping these companies, both large and small, create video advertisements to promote their business to the masses.” These commercials are typically 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. Once filmed and edited, the videos can be put on the business’s website and/or TV.

Thurgood uses a unique approach to advertising called video email. “With our video email, businesses can send out their video we make to whom ever they want. It’s really nice because when people open up the email, the video automatically pops up and all they have to do is click play to watch it right there. It’s really convenient and it’s included with every business video package. The client can forward the video email to their friends and family. It’s essentially free advertising for the business.” said Ryan.

Thurgood Productions has found that these promo videos have significantly increased their client’s business. Ryan goes on to say, “In the past some of our clients have tried advertising with mailers and other marketing techniques, and have found it to be ineffective. It’s a one time shot and then it’s over. With video they are able to use it on their website, email, YouTube or anywhere they want. It gives them more exposure, and keeps their advertising costs down. The business owns the video meaning no monthly fees and no user fees.”

Thurgood believes in providing a top notch product for a relatively inexpensive price. The production company uses high def video on every project they do. The editing equipment is the same equipment used by a local television station or movie studio. Everything is top of the line.

Ryan said, “I’ve found when you use video, it does one of two things, it will either make you look good, or make you look bad. If you have a professional company come in that has the experience combined with the equipment to do it, it will give you the advantage.”

Brett Thurgood, the Sr. Production Manager said, “At Thurgood, we excel in helping our clients by creating the look and feel of their business.” We have found this way of advertising to be very effective to our clients. These are “impact videos” made to get people excited.”

Today Ryan has increased the number of employees to accommodate the growth of Thurgood Productions, including Ryan Thurgood as President, Brett Thurgood as Sr. Production Manager, and Travis Sandstrom as Director of Web Development. Their web site is


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