With The Slow Real Estate Market, Why Are More Agents Joining SilverLeaf Realty?

Salt Lake City, UT – May 15, 2009 — Many real estate agents in the state are continuing to experience the slow down in the market. Hundreds have put their license in inactive status, and have looked for work elsewhere. No one is sure when the market will turn around. So why are more agents flocking to Silver Leaf Realty? What makes them so different?

Located in down town Salt Lake City is a company that is giving their real estate agents the ability to diversify their income opportunities by selling real estate as well as originate mortgage loans. Silver Leaf agents don’t have to have Loan Officer Licenses, like most other loan originators do. That’s simply because they aren’t required to. Because Silver Leaf Companies operates a bank (Proficio Bank) within their company, real estate agents can be an employee of the bank, and originate and close as many loans as they can handle. They cannot however originate a loan and represent that client on the real estate side, during the same transaction. That rule applies to everyone in the industry.

“With so many people doing refinances right now, it’s a great way for me to earn an extra $2,000 – $3,000 a month in addition to my real estate sales. It’s really a no brainer. I’m glad I was able to hear about this company so I could jump onboard.” Says Matt Pherson, a real estate agent.

Derrick Clark, a real estate agent at Silver Leaf said, “I closed 3 real estate deals last week, and 2 loans. I love it, it’s great. In the past I would refer that side of the business to my loan officer friends, but now I can keep the money I was giving away, and put it in my pocket.”

The extra income generated by this unique opportunity is what is attracting more and more agents to the company. Silver Leaf also has a full service in-house telemarketing department that makes the prospecting calls for the agents. Their trained marketers generate 4-16 qualified mortgage leads per hour, exclusively for Silver Leaf agents and bank employees.

“The diversification of income opportunities we have here is what’s kept a lot of our agents from leaving the real estate industry.” To be able to do loans, all the agents have to fill out an application, run a background check, fill out the needed paper work, and go through a few weeks of bank training, that’s it. No fee’s, no licensing is required. The real estate agents here love the extra income, and because we are FDIC approved in all 50 states, we aren’t limited to originating loans and refi’s just in Utah, we can do them in every state.” Says Campbell Dosch, Director of Real Estate at Silver Leaf.

“We want our agent’s business to be profitable. If they have multiple channels of income, they will obviously benefit a lot more.” Said Silver Leaf’s Principal Broker, Jody Rasmussen.

Silver Leaf Companies also runs an Investment/Finance Company, “Silver Leaf Financial.” The company has also experienced tremendous growth in the last year. They have recently acquired more than 80 million in assets, and have obtained a long and profitable track record. They will be featured on CNN Headline News and The Discovery Channel this fall.
Click here for more information www.SilverLeaf-Financial.com

To learn more about Silver Leaf Realty, contact them at (801) 413-4702. They are currently expanding their business, and looking for more people interested in this unique opportunity. Their web site is http://www.silverleaf-realty.com.