/EIN News/ June 26th, 2009 – Beirut, Lebanon:

Mobile messaging services provider, MontyMobile (www.montymobile.com), announced today its official joining of the list of Open Connectivity compliant SMS Hubbing providers as defined by the GSM Association.

Open Connectivity (OC) is a GSM Association’s project established to create a framework for hub-based solutions, where one or more hubs provide access to multiple partners via a single commercial agreement. This multilateral approach is documented in a set of High Level Requirements that define the rules for Open Connectivity compliant solutions.

Mountasser Hachem CEO of MontyMobile said: “SMS Hubbing Service appears to be the most efficient solution for SMS Interworking between Operators and is seen as a key enabler to allow operators developing the take up of SMS as a mass-market service… MontyMobile is the pioneer in offering their Hubbing services for complementing the operators’ existing bilateral or other Hubbing relations so they can enable the full SMS Exchange coverage between worldwide networks in a reasonable effort and time for their subscribers to be satisfied”.

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