Gold Parties are the New More Personal Way to get Money for Unwanted Gold

BURLINGTON, NC, July 1, 2009 /PRAvenueNW/ — The price of gold stays strong at over $900 today as the economy continues to struggle. It’s no secret that gold is very valuable and can be sold for much needed money. But people are often speculative when it comes to selling to pawn shops, jewelry stores and online gold buyers. Now, there is another, more personal option in the industry which gives people the opportunity to sell their gold to someone they know and trust while enjoying the social aspect of a party.

“My Gold Career is a new, more personal, fun way for people to sell their unwanted gold for cash,” said Chad Sharpe President of My Gold Career. My Gold Career gold parties are similar to Tupperware parties except instead of party guests spending money on items they don’t necessarily need, they are getting paid money for unwanted items that they don’t want or use anymore which is definitely welcome in today’s economy,” he said.

People can sign up to be Gold Representatives by submitting the convenient online form at The Gold Rep then has access to the main website which provides all the information, step-by-step instructions, live support and video tutorials needed to become skilled. The Gold Rep will receive a gold evaluation kit which includes tools and other materials needed to evaluate gold and host gold parties. Gold parties can be hosted for fun, charity or to make extra income.

A My Gold Career gold party is simple and fun for both Gold Representatives and party guests and requires limited preparation time. Here’s how it works: The Gold Representative sends out invitations inviting people to his/her gold party and plans a fun evening including snacks and refreshments. During the party, guests are invited to mingle and share stories of the unwanted jewelry they brought to sell. The Gold Representative then consults with the guests and evaluates their gold. Guests receive payment for the items they sell and the hosting Gold Representative receives 10% of the total gold party revenue.

The My Gold Career business model is three-fold in how people can make money with the program. First, it’s called My Gold Career because people can make a steady income by becoming a Gold Representative. When a Gold Representative hosts parties, he/she gets paid 10% of the total party revenue. Second, by making referrals, Gold Representatives can earn 5% of their recruit’s gold party revenue for as long as they are a Gold Rep. Third, gold party guests earn money for unwanted gold by selling to trusted friends, family members or colleagues.

“It’s all about networking,” Sharpe said. The more parties you host and the more family and friends you invite, the more money you will make. The average gold party grosses $4,000. The hosting Gold Representative receives 10% which is $400 for one gold party,” he said. We recommend hosting one party each week. You can see how earnings can multiply quickly,” Sharpe said.

My Gold Career is a pioneer in the industry providing the first program where people are actually educated on gold evaluation techniques online and are trained to put their skills to use during gold parties.

“We have been in the industry of working with and evaluating precious metals for over 20 years, Sharpe said. We have perfected the technique of buying gold from the public and have created a program which teaches people how to do it themselves,” he said. “Not only are people making money with the program but they are learning a valuable trade.

About My Gold Career
My Gold Career is a privately owned and operated company with headquarters in North Carolina. The team of professionals has over 20 years of experience servicing the public in evaluating, buying and selling gold and other precious metals.

For more information, please visit the My Gold Career website or contact Chad Sharpe, President at 336-395-0118 or [email protected]