Los Angeles, California – JULY 6, 2009 — Since 1999 Family Products, John Beck, Jeff Paul and other Family Products Infomercials have been selling educational products to the public. These products teach business strategies that are not widely known and have satisfied hundreds of thousands of people across the country for only $39.95. Family Products also offers additional advanced educational services that help people achieve their educational goals more quickly with personalized coaching and more in depth materials.

Gary Hewitt, Family Products’ Managing Member, reacted to the FTC’s Press Release and Complaint by stating that Family Products has in fact provided the FTC with voluminous records of customer success and satisfaction over the course of the last 18 months. Mr. Hewitt went on to further state that he is “proud of Family Products customer service, customer support and its record of helping people improve their lives through the educational tools they provide.”

Doug Gravink, also a Managing Member of Family Products represented that “Family Products will vigorously defend itself against the heavy handed, overstated and unjustified claims made by the FTC. Due to providing the FTC with thousands of pages of information about Family Products, the FTC knows full well that the company has thrived for many years and that it’s success is not based upon alleged opportunities arising out of current economic times”. In fact, according to both Hewitt and Gravink, the recession has greatly reduced Family Products’ sales even though, in their view, its products and services could help many people during these times.

The FTC’s press release states in tiny point type that companies and individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Hewitt and Gravink stated that they were shocked by the FTC’s misuse of its power by filing a case and launching a press release that vastly overstates its case. “This is how almost a thousand employees can lose their jobs before Family Products even has the opportunity to defend itself” advised Hewitt.

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